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Sabfoil Red Devil Wingfoil RDX4 Racing Kit


Racing Wingfoil Specific Kit By Sabfoil


Introducing the RDX4 by Sabfoil, the epitome of innovation and performance in the world of foiling. Engineered to push the boundaries of speed and control, this cutting-edge hydrofoil system takes your riding experience to new heights.

Experience the thrill of effortless gliding across the water with the RDX4. Meticulously crafted using high-quality materials, this hydrofoil offers unrivaled stability, maneuverability, and responsiveness. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring enthusiast, the RDX4 is designed to enhance your skills and elevate your foiling adventures.


  • The RDX4 hydrofoil system by Sabfoil revolutionizes the world of foiling with its innovative design and exceptional performance.
  • Experience effortless gliding across the water with unrivaled stability, maneuverability, and responsiveness.
  • Optimized wing profile enhances lift and reduces drag, resulting in higher speeds and smoother rides.
  • Carbon fiber construction ensures lightweight yet durable components that can handle intense maneuvers and challenging conditions.
  • Adjustable wings and fuselage options allow for customization to suit individual riding preferences and disciplines.
  • Strong and rigid mast and fuselage provide maximum stability and control, even at high speeds.
  • Quick-release system enables easy assembly, disassembly, transport, and storage for added convenience.
  • Unlock a world of possibilities and elevate your foiling adventures with the RDX4 hydrofoil system.


Designed with aerodynamics in mind, the RDX4 boasts an optimized wing profile that delivers exceptional lift and reduced drag. This translates into higher speeds and smoother rides, allowing you to maximize your time on the water. The innovative design also promotes easy take-offs and controlled landings, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for riders of all levels.

Crafted with precision and durability, the RDX4 is built to withstand the demands of high-performance foiling. The carbon fiber construction ensures lightweight yet robust components that can handle the rigors of intense maneuvers and challenging conditions. This means you can ride with confidence, knowing that your equipment is up to the task.

The RDX4 is a versatile system that adapts to your evolving needs and preferences. With adjustable wings and fuselage options, you can fine-tune your setup to achieve the perfect balance of stability and agility. Whether you prefer freeriding, carving, or chasing speed, the RDX4 provides the versatility to excel in any discipline.

Safety is paramount in every aspect of the RDX4's design. The mast and fuselage are engineered for maximum strength and rigidity, ensuring optimal stability and control even at high speeds. The easy-to-use quick-release system allows for swift assembly and disassembly, providing peace of mind and convenience during transport and storage.

Join the ranks of passionate riders who have experienced the exhilaration of foiling with the RDX4. Whether you're exploring new horizons, competing at the highest level, or simply enjoying the freedom of flight, this hydrofoil system unlocks a world of possibilities. Elevate your foiling game with the RDX4 by Sabfoil.