Sabfoil S370 PF Stabilizer

Sabfoil S370 PF Stabilizer

Sabfoil S370 Stabilizer with performance finish

The S370 is purely born for surfing! It works very well with the W940 and W799, tight turns and great speeds

The flat design is ideal for high maneuverability while surfing.

Compatible with fuselages F700-HS, FS710, FW900, F899-HS and FW1010

Dimensions & Advanced specs
Stabilizer - Span 370 mm
Stabilizer - Surface 195 cm2
Stabilizer - Root Chord 67,5 mm
Stabilizer - Aspect Ratio 7
Stabilizer - Maximum Thickness 8 mm
Stabilizer - Weight [±5%] 123 g

Available at wake-style.com