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Starboard ACE Foil Sup (Downwind) Board


Downwind foil board



The ACE raceboard by Starboard made a significant mark in the industry as it introduced a groundbreaking approach to downwind raceboard design. Initially introduced as a 12’6” SUP Race board and unveiled at the Battle of the Paddle in 2009, the ACE (originally named "The NEW") underwent several transformations and came in various sizes, ranging from 12’6” to 14’0”, during the period from 2009 to 2021.

This year, the Starboard ACE has been revitalized with a completely new size range to spearhead the latest innovation in downwind stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) foiling.


The Starboard ACE Features:

1. Streamlined Teardrop Outline:
- The teardrop-shaped outline optimizes efficiency, ensuring even volume distribution and a stable shape.

2. Narrow Width Design:
- Engineered for speed during downwind rides and quick takeoffs.
- The primary objective of the Ace Foil is to provide a rapid acceleration platform, perfect for catching bumps and swiftly transitioning onto the foil.
- Available in narrow dimensions, ranging from 19 inches to 23 inches.

3. Precision Pin Tail:
- The pin tail design excels in tracking and efficiency.
- It enhances tracking abilities for catching waves and efficiently brings water flow together, facilitating smoother takeoffs and landings with reduced board contact.

4. Rounded Rails:
- Initially designed for ease of use in turbulent ocean conditions, the rounded rails have been integrated into the Ace Foil model.
- These rails not only enhance stability in choppy waters but also contribute to a responsive and springy performance when pumping to get on the foil.

5. Tailored Rocker:
- The rocker profile is finely tuned to optimize speed, responsiveness, and handling of larger waves.
- Extensively tested across various conditions, from calm flatwater to towering ocean swells.

6. Versatile 16” Foil Box:
- With the ever-expanding options in downwind foils, the 16" foil box accommodates a wide range of foil preferences.
- This downwind model features a "further forward" box placement for precise and comfortable downwind foiling.

7. Eco-Friendly Board Sock:
- Our board sock not only reduces paper waste but also safeguards your board against dust, scratches, and harmful UV damage.
- Crafted from stretchable polyester, it conforms to various board shapes.
- Ensure your board's longevity with the iconic blue Board Sock, featuring a secure drawstring closure.



Sizes available 


Model 7'10" x 23" 7'4" x 21.5" 7'0" x 20" 6'9" x 19"
Rider Weight up to 120 kg up to 110 kg up to 90 kg up to 80 kg
Length 7'10" / 239 cm 7'4" / 224 cm 7'0" / 213 cm 6'9" / 206 cm
Width 23" / 58 cm 21.5" / 55 cm 20" / 51 cm 19" / 48 cm
Volume 140 L 120 L 100 L 85 L
Fin Set Up Foil Foil Foil Foil
Weight TBC 7.5 kg (Est.) 6.7 kg (Est.) 6.0 kg (Est.)



NEW 7’10” x 23″ / 140L

Length: 7’10” / 239 cm

Width: 23” / 58 cm

This versatile model serves as a SUP downwind board, a light wind wing board, and a SUP foil for wave riding. With a width of 23″, it caters to heavier riders up to 120kg, providing extra stability. Surprisingly easy to lift off from flat-water pumping, despite its size, it boasts excellent stability thanks to its slightly recessed standing area. The narrow tail ensures remarkable efficiency, making flying effortlessly achievable for riders wanting a more stable ride.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

NEW 7’4” x 21.5″ / 120L

Length: 7’4” / 224 cm

Width: 21.5” / 55 cm

Anticipated to be our most popular size. At 120L, this model will be stable enough to cater for riders up to 110kg while being a stable platform for lighter riders. During testing we were amazed at how easy this board got onto foil. At just 21.5 inches wide, we felt that this was a manageable and reasonably stable width while offering incredibly fast take offs.


Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

NEW 7’0” x 20″ / 100L

Length: 7’0″ / 213 cm

Width: 20″ / 51 cm

“Incredibly stable for its size.” The 7’0″ has been trialled and tested in every condition, including flatwater pumping, downwinding in Thailand, and large ocean swells in Australia. Feedback from testers was that this model seemed to somehow have better stability than a similar-volume board that was four inches wider. Not only is this a high-performing, stable, and fast downwind board for riders up to 90kg, but it can also be used as a big wave SUP surf board, a light wind wing board, and a flatwater pumping practise board.

Available construction:

• Blue Carbon

NEW 6’9” x 19″ / 85L

Length: 6’9” / 206 cm

Width: 19” / 48 cm

Our smallest and fastest design. The goal with the 6’9″ is to create the best competition downwind foil board on the market, targeted at elite riders up to 80kg. The 6’9″ boasts an incredibly fast takeoff and excellent handling on ocean bumps. The 6’9″ is narrow enough to experiment with prone downwind foiling while being comfortable enough for an advanced rider to use as an advanced downwind SUP foil board.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon