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Sunova Carver Wing Foil Board


Downwind shape inspired wingboard

Introducing at Wake-style.com the latest addition to the Sunova Casey Foil range: The Sunova Carver. This innovative design has evolved in sync with the world of Downwind Foiling and Winging. Many of our valued customers have experienced the sheer pleasure of winging on their Aviator Downwind boards, reveling in the smooth glide and user-friendly nature of these longer, narrower boards.

The Carver enters the scene seamlessly, complementing our range with sizes that start just 4 inches shorter than the new Sunova Aviator Downwind. This board is meticulously crafted as a light-wind wing board, engineered to effortlessly carve through the water and deliver such efficiency that you'll be able to take flight on your foil in nearly any conditions. And don't let the name mislead you – if you're an advanced winger, these boards are still designed to propel you into the stratosphere with spectacular airs.

For those in search of a single board that can do it all, delivering effortless glides, look no further – The Sunova  Carver is the one for you!

(Prices displayed are for the TR3 technology. Additionally, all boards are available in XXX technology. For pricing details, please reach out to your local dealer.)



  • Narrow shape 
  • Extra long for more glide and early take off
  • Ligtwind machine
  • Great performance in waves
  • 6 different sizes
  • Strap inserts
4'8" 20" 4 1/16" 54.6 4.80
4'11" 20" 4 5/16" 60.6 5.10
5'2" 20" 4 1/2" 67.0 5.40
5'6" 20" 4 13/16" 75.8 5.70
5'10" 20" 5 1/8" 85.3 6.00
6'2" 20" 5 3/8" 95.3 6.20