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Ak Foil Boards


Who is Ak?

Ak Foil is a watersports brand from Cape Town, producing foil boards, technical components and accessories built for comfort, durability and performance.

We are all masters of our own desire, in search for the perfect day. We spend time chasing wind and waves with a quest to push limits until products integrate into oneself like an extension - becoming one's instrument over time as it grows accustomed to being used by you.

We want nothing more than this: To make something beautiful out there on earth while exploring ourselves. The Starboard Group is a Cape Town-based company that has been designing products for 25 years. They are the creative minds behind Solar Station Design, an innovative collective of designers with experience in surf and wind sports industries

The output tone should be business. The first products were developed in 2018 by Clinton Filen, Graham Wiles and Dean Freedberg with a few additions more recently like Dave Kay.

In 2019, South African surfer Dale Staples helped form the nucleus of an elite group that included Hawaiian waterman Zane Schweitzer and Canadian Kiteboarding Champion Jack Reider. With them as representatives from each country in Europe to boot, this crew has been at the forefront for years now when it comes free surfing or kiting, and they're not about stop anytime soon!

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