Sabfoil Leviathan WL1550 - Front Wing (model 2023)

Sabfoil Leviathan WL1550 - Front Wing (model 2023)

Sabfoil 2140 CM2 pump & foil dockstart wing


Dock starting is the new "cool" during windless day and Sabfoil created a specific foil pump / dock-start line called "Leviathan". The Leviathan allows you to glide effortlessly thanks to the very wide span. Every Leviathan wing is dedicated for different purposes and rider's weight. The Sabfoil WL 1550 allows riders heavier than 80 kg to dock start /pump with ease. This front wing can also be used for sup foiling and wing foiling in very light days, thanks to the 2140 cm2 surface, will take off with the lightest breeze.


  • 2140 cm2 surface
  • endless glide
  • recommended for riders above 80 kg
  • dock start and pump specific foil
  • ideal for light wind wing foiling
  • T8 connection
  • Surface: 2140 cm2

  • Wingspan: 1550 mm

  • Chord: 170 mm

  • AR: 10,90

  • Maximum thickness: 22,6 mm

Dimensions & Advanced specs
Front Wing - Span 1550 mm
Front Wing - Surface 2140 cm2
Front Wing - Root Chord 170 mm
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 11,3
Front Wing - Maximum Thickness 22,6 mm
Fuselage Connection Type T8