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Sabfoil WL-1750 Leviathan Front Wing

Pump Foil & Sup Foil Front Wing

The Sabfoil Leviathan 1750 front wing is perfect for pump foilers and SUPers alike, offering a thrilling ride with exceptional efficiency in gliding and take-off. Despite its large size, making it less agile, the huge wingspan, large surface area and high aspect ratio of this equipment provide an unmatched experience. Just a few paddles will get you out of the water and cruising at remarkable speed, so you can enjoy maximum fun and minimal waiting time for windy conditions. With its impressive specs, the Sabfoil Leviathan 1750 is a top choice for anyone looking for a reliable, performance-oriented piece of equipment, especially for SUP foiling.


  • Surface: 2400 cm2
  • AR: 12,70
  • Wingspan: 1750 mm
  • Volume: 3097 cm3
  • RangeLeviathan
  • Recommended forDock-Start - Pumping - SUP
  • Wing-Fuselage ConnectionT8


The Sabfoil Leviathan 1750 is available at wake-style.com surf shop.

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