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Armstrong APF 1350


Armstrong APF 1350: Pump and Downwind Foiling for All Levels

The Armstrong Pump Foil (APF) series has revolutionized pump foiling with its ultra-low stall speeds, incredible stability, and high efficiency, allowing riders to go further with less effort. The APF 1350 is now available, designed for lighter riders or anyone seeking more speed and glide, regardless of weight.

Maximize Your Foiling Time

The APF's design is rooted in achieving efficient performance at low speeds. Its straight leading edge and high camber foil section provide an extremely low stall speed with excellent controllability and predictability at low speeds. This ensures you can pump longer on flatwater or glide effortlessly during light downwinding sessions.

Unmatched Stability

Experience rock-solid stability and responsive performance with the APF. It offers pitch stability during key flight phases and quick responses to pitch inputs for fast acceleration. The specially designed Pump 202 stabilizer works seamlessly with the front foil, supporting various flight speeds throughout the pump cycle. This stability underfoot allows you to focus on refining your technique and improving efficiency, pushing your limits further than ever before.

World-Class Design

The APF foils are the result of a collaborative design effort between Armie Armstrong and engineer Chris Porter. Their combined expertise in foil design and innovation has led to the creation of the APF series, which excels in both performance and user-friendliness. Every aspect of the APF has been meticulously optimized for top-tier performance.


  • Model: APF 1350
  • Area: 1350 cm²
  • Span: 1202 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 10.7

The Wake-style.com Review


Finally i had the chance to test the Armstrong Apf 1350 in light downwind conditions. The wind blew around 15-18 knots today with some gust above it. The downwinder took place on the big lake Ijselmeer. The foil has a nice gentle and consistent lift, you are not kicked off the board and you don t need to step forward in order to contrast the excess lift like happends on the bigger sizes. This foil glides like a maniac and pumps really well so you can connect and survive the flat parts without too many problems. Despite the big span it is very maneuverable and turns nice on the bumps, when breaching it won’t suffer of ventilation and just keeps flying forward. This foil is a gamechanger for light downwind conditions and sure a must have in you quiver if you are serious about this sport. If you are skilled and ride only in powered ocean conditions you could skip this size and go straight to the HA.

Rider 86kg Board north Horizon 7.5 Foil Armstrong Apf 1350 Mast performance 795 Stab glide 220 Fuse tc60