Armstrong Mid Length Foil Board

Armstrong Mid Length Foil Board



Armstrong Mid-Length Foil Board

Inspired by the past, designed for the future.

Available for pre-order. Shipping in May.

The Armstrong Mid-Length Foil Board is more than just a board—it's an approach. In a world overflowing with choices, this board simplifies your decision-making, offering an inspiring alternative of doing more with less. True to its surf-inspired roots, the Mid-Length range redefines when and how you can go foiling. It's your ace in the hole, your session saver, and a fast-paddling, rippable flight time booster. It grants you the freedom to ride your way. The choice is yours.

Five sizes available from 5’1 (45L) to 6’5 (85L).

Key Features

The Sweet Spot

A perfect balance between our Prone, Wing, and Downwind boards. The Mid-Length excels on small or light days with great paddle power and easy release to get you on foil quickly. It paddles like a rhino chaser and transforms into a shortboard once airborne. Forget about choosing the perfect board—just get on the water and enjoy the ride.

  • Optimal Dimensions: The perfect blend of glide, stability, and maneuverability ensures maximum time on foil, even if you’re not a pro.

From the Shaping Bay

  • Outline: A pointed but not overly sharp nose, gently tapering midsection, and pulled-in tail make for an efficient glider for prone paddling into small or large surf. It also works remarkably well when winging, making it an excellent light wind machine.
  • Rocker and Rails: Progressive rocker from the nose to the foil tracks enhances liveliness and touchdown recovery, while the tail kick makes for easy pumping and clean launch. Soft front rails progress into harder lines at the back for efficient flow and balanced tracking.
  • Bottom Contour: Drawing from Downwind boards, a subtle double concave at the nose transitions to flat at the foil tracks and a diamond-V tail for quick pop-up and un-stickiness.

More Grip, More Control

  • Deck Grip: Tailored for maximum control and comfort, the deck grip includes raised arch bars and elevated wedges for intuitive foot placement.

Proven Construction

  • Structural Rigidity: The ultra-stiff double skin carbon PVC sandwich, combined with Armstrong’s i-beam dual stringers, ensures maximum rigidity and durability.
  • Carbon Fibre Foil Tracks: Integrated into the stringer fibers for unparalleled durability and performance.

Detailed Specifications

  • Surfboard-Inspired Outline: Balances stability with efficient glide.
  • Downwind-Inspired Bottom Contours: Double concave to flat at the foil tracks, with a diamond-V tail.
  • Split Foredeck: Raised central portion for quick water shedding.
  • Footstrap Inserts: Optimized for V-strap front footstrap.
  • Vent: Maintains structural integrity across temperature ranges.
  • Raised Deck Wedges and Arch Bars: Provide extra grip and intuitive foot placement.
  • Forward Geometry Foil Track: Compatible with any foil brand for fast progression.
  • Dual Carbon Stringer System: Offers maximum rigidity and a sublime feel underfoot.

Available Sizes

  • 45L: 5’1 / 155cm x 17” / 43cm x 3 ¾” / 9.5cm
  • 55L: 5’5 / 165cm x 18” / 45.7cm x 4 1/8” / 10.5cm
  • 65L: 5’9 / 175cm x 19” / 48.3cm x 4 1/2” / 11.4cm
  • 75L: 6’1 / 185.5cm x 20” / 50.8cm x 4 5/8” / 11.7cm
  • 85L: 6’5 / 195.5cm x 20 ¾” / 52.7cm x 4 7/8” / 12.4cm

Package Includes:

  • Board Bag


The Armstrong Mid-Length Foil Board is designed to offer unparalleled performance across various foil sports, whether you're prone paddling, winging, or downwinding. With its innovative design and proven construction, it's the go-to choice for those looking to redefine their foiling experience. Pre-order now and get ready to elevate your foiling game this August.