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Cloud IX Anchorman Wing-leash


Anchorman by Cloud IX ( Nine)


No one wants to risk losing their wing, or worse, endangering themselves and others. The groundbreaking Anchorman system offers an advanced solution that prioritizes safety and security, safeguarding your wing from loss. Anchorman automatically activates the US Patent-pending sea anchor as soon as you release the safety handle.

Extensively tested in the harshest conditions, this sea anchor reliably prevents your wing from drifting away, even in the fiercest winds. With the assurance that your wing will remain in place, you can release it earlier, thus proactively avoiding potentially hazardous situations.

This newfound freedom to detach your wing also instills the confidence to explore exciting possibilities in foilsurfing and downwinding. Imagine using your wing as a foil-assist to lift you onto the foil, then seamlessly passing it among multiple riders in a lineup, taking turns riding the swells.

We fondly refer to this as "passing the baton," where foilsurfing and downwinders become a relay event among riders.

As passionate foilers ourselves, we've meticulously designed and rigorously tested our premium Anchorman system to deliver the ultimate wingfoil experience. We look forward to sharing in your adventures and hope you'll enjoy and share your experiences with us.