F-One Rocket Wing ASC Wing Foil Board

F-One Rocket Wing ASC Wing Foil Board


F-One Rocket Wing ASC Wing Foil Board


The F-ONE Rocket Wing ASC is a top-tier wingboard. F-ONE has integrated all its expertise from foiling and wingsurfing into the design of this board to create an approachable and stable wingboard. Thanks to its small dimensions and lightweight build, this board reacts quickly and is ideal for leisurely gliding over the water while holding a wing.

The Rocket Wing ASC is available in three sizes: 5'5" (90L), 5'10" (110L), and 6'2" (130L). The 5'10" and 6'2" provide ample volume for most users, making it easy to transition from a starting position to a standing one. Even if the wind completely dies down, these boards allow you to easily paddle back to the shore. The width of the 5'10" and 6'2" ensures stability, enabling rapid progress. Neither of these sizes has footstrap inserts. For lighter riders or those with more experience, the Rocket Wing ASC 5'5" is an option. With 90 liters of volume and a width of 27"/68.5cm, this board is even more compact and maneuverable. Unlike the 5'10" and 6'2", the 5'5" offers the possibility to attach three footstraps, enabling jumps and other tricks. However, keep in mind that the smaller size makes it more challenging to balance and get onto the foil.

Design and Construction:
The Rocket Wing ASC boasts straight rocker lines, which make taking off easy and quick. Straight lines reduce water resistance compared to more curved rocker lines. Additionally, the board features sharp rails on the bottom, which facilitate a swift ascent as water easily releases. The combination of straight rocker lines and sharp rails ensures a fast takeoff and easy recovery after briefly touching the water (a touchdown).

To enhance ease of use, the board comes with a handle on the bottom for convenient lifting, a fully covered deck with EVA foam, and a foilbox with twin tracks. Currently, this is the most widely used system for mounting a foil with four bolts (Double US-box). The lengthy tracks allow for adjusting the foil's position, enabling users to find their optimal setup.

The Rocket Wing ASC is constructed using Air Shield Composite. It begins with injecting an EPS foam core into a mold, which is then covered with fiberglass and epoxy resin. A protective layer is added as a shield, making the board durable and robust without adding much weight.

Key Features:


  • - Highly maneuverable due to its compact size
  • - Stable and forgiving
  • - Durable and easy to use
F-ONE Rocket Wing ASC 5’5”  165 CM x 68,5 CM  90L 7.6KG 
F-ONE Rocket Wing ASC 5’10”  178 CM x 73,5 CM 110L  8.5KG
F-ONE Rocket Wing ASC 6’2”  188 CM x 79 CM 130L  9.4KG