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Duotone Slick 2024 Wing


Freeride & Freestyle 

Discover the 2024 Slick: The Ultimate Freeride and Freestyle Companion. Available in a diverse range of eight sizes from 3.0 to 6.5m2, the new Slick is designed to revolutionize your riding experience. It features a revolutionary Mini Boom that provides unparalleled control, offering direct steering and endless options for hand placement to suit every style and level of rider.

This season's Slick is engineered for resilience and performance, with a rounded outline that effortlessly recovers from tip strikes, ensuring your ride is uninterrupted. Enhanced canopy tension and wing profiling contribute to improved draft stability, thanks to a meticulously refined panel layout. This design ensures the Slick delivers power instantly yet remains light and effortless to handle, especially when flagged out on a wave.

Key innovations include the wing-specific MOD3 canopy, which not only offers exceptional durability but also provides immediate power response. The upgraded panel layout further bolsters draft stability, allowing you to maintain optimal hand positioning even in gusty conditions. This results in superior control and depower capabilities, alongside increased durability for a solid, reliable feel under various conditions.

Key Features Highlight:

  • - **Mini Boom**: Experience fluid steering with endless hand positioning possibilities, from basic learning to executing advanced freestyle maneuvers.
  • - **Reduced Tip Drag**: Designed for easy recovery from tip strikes, keeping your ride smooth.
  • - **Enhanced Draft Stability**: The refined panel layout ensures stable, direct power delivery and eliminates the need for frequent hand adjustments.
  • - **Optimized Power Delivery**: Enjoy immediate response and powerful performance whenever you need it.
  • - **Effortless Handling**: The Slick is designed to feel light, neutral, and effortless, making your wave rides more enjoyable.
  • - **MOD3 Canopy Enhancements**: Benefit from a solid feel and increased power during pumps, improved draft stability, and higher durability for a lasting performance.

Performance Attributes:

- **Wave / Downwind**: Offers exceptional drift capabilities with a lightweight design for ultimate freedom on the water.
- **Jumping**: Engineered for outstanding lift and hangtime, pushing the boundaries of aerial performance.
- **Freestyle**: Delivers unparalleled handling and rotations, enabling dynamic maneuvers.
- **Freeride**: Ensures a comfortable and efficient ride, perfect for exploring and cruising.
- **Ease of Use**: Ideal for learners and those looking to progress, thanks to its user-friendly design.
- **Budget-Friendly**: Offers great value, making high-quality performance accessible to all.

Whether you're just starting out or are looking to elevate your freeride and freestyle skills, the 2024 Slick provides the versatility, control, and performance you need to make every session unforgettable. Explore the range and find your perfect size to start your next adventure.

3.0 19 - 37 TBC 265 10 MINI BOOM 4'' (M)
3.5 16 - 36 TBC 284 9 MINI BOOM 4'' (M)
4.0 14 - 30 TBC 297 8.5 MINI BOOM 4'' (M)
4.5 12 - 28 TBC 315 8 MINI BOOM 4'' (M)
5.0 10 - 25 TBC 331 8 MINI BOOM 5'' (L)
5.5 9 - 22 TBC 358 7.5 MINI BOOM 5'' (L)
6.0 8 - 20 TBC 363 7 MINI BOOM 5'' (L)