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Ozone Fusion Wing


RAM air technology wing by Ozone




Experience a new dinsion of wingfoiling with the Fusion! Unlock the freedom to ride smaller foils while soaring at higher speeds and conquering new angles upwind and downwind. This groundbreaking double surface design with ram-air technology is set to revolutionize the industry.

We can hardly contain our excitement about the Fusion's extraordinary capabilities, designed for proficient riders seeking dynamic jumps and flights. Be among the first to embrace this new era of performance.

Priced at 1999 euros, the Ozone Fusion wing is a game-changer. Stay tuned for additional sizes, coming soon.


**Fusion: Defining a New Era of Feeling and Performance**


Meet Simon Burner, Fusion co-designer.

Please note: The Fusion wings in the GIF images are prototypes. The final graphics feature distinctive orange and white colors for maximum recognition. The rigid, lightweight, carbon handles with EVA grip, as seen on the Flux, will also be part of the production version.

Five years in the making, the Fusion project combined manufacturing expertise with knowledge from foil kites, inflatable kites, paragliders, and wingsuits. Our focus on optimal aerofoil design led to the efficient double surface design, utilizing "ram air" principles from wingsuits. Fusion has arrived, and it's a paradigm shift in performance.

Designed for riders seeking higher speeds, dynamic jumps, and previously unattainable angles upwind and downwind, Fusion delivers cutting-edge performance with its 100% double surface, ram air technology, and internal ribs.

**Advantages of Double Surface Design:**


  • - Dramatic reduction in drag
  • - Unlocking enormous performance potential
  • - Smoother, predictable rides in gusty winds
  • - Improved power and control while riding closer to the wind
  • - Greater distances covered in less time

"The Fusion feels like a hot knife through butter." - Johnny Heineken



**Who is it for?**
Proficient riders ready for unparalleled winging performance.

**Does it require a different technique?**
Subtle adjustments for incredible performance gains.

**Is it heavy?**
No, it's impressively lightweight.

**Does it take on water?**
Optimally designed air intakes and drainage holes.

**Can it be repaired?**
Yes, repairs are possible.

**Is it for me?**
Perfect for experienced riders looking for speed and precision. Best paired with high-performance foils for maximum potential.


**The New Realm of Wingfoiling: Control Every Part of the Game**

The Fusion elevates your sessions with unmatched efficiency and performance. Feel the engaged flying experience, exceptional upwind and downwind capabilities, high-speed elevation, and smooth power management.

Discover the future of wingfoiling with the Fusion - where every element of the ride is elevated to new heights.

**Why You Feel It:**

  • - High-aspect-ratio design with a swept leading edge planform
  • - Reduced drag thanks to the entire lower surface with profile ribs
  • - Pre-loaded leading edge and optimized sail shaping
  • - Ergonomically angled, rigid carbon handles with EVA grip
  • - Soft bumper on the front handle mount for protection
  • - Knuckle-guard on the leading edge with a de-power handle

Don't miss out on this revolutionary wingfoiling experience. The Fusion awaits you!


All new Ozone Fusion double skin wing

The Fusion brings a new realm of wingfoiling… opening up new freedom to ride smaller foils as it naturally delivers far higher flying speeds to solid riders, also allowing them to rip along at previously impossible angles up and downwind. Not to mention the dynamic jump and flight potential.

 Please find some initial information below to give you a good idea of the product’s amazing capabilities, and its target riders.

We hope you are as excited to read about it as the team were to develop it, because this full double surface design with ram-air technology is an industry first! As you’ll see below, we expect it to shake the industry awake when people see there’s now a new realm of performance on offer for solid riders!

Fusion co-designer, Simon Burner

Fusion full double surface wing











Ozone's in house production facility