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ION x Wingman Wing Handle


Middle handle 

This handle is designed for wings that have two separate rigid handles, making it compatible with wings like the Duotone Unit and similar models from other brands. It serves as a bridge between the two fixed handles, adding a valuable layer of flexibility to your equipment. Despite its compact size, this handle is adjustable in length, offering versatility for your needs. Its sturdy construction provides a sensation akin to using a boom, making it possible to attach a harness line. Created in partnership with Wingman, this handle comes in five different sizes, each indicating the distance between both handles.


Available in 4 sizes 

  • XS/15-20CM
  • S/20-26CM
  • M/26-32CM
  • L/32-38,5CM
  • XL/38,5-44,5CM

In order to choose the right size you should measure the distance between your wing handles and choose the product accordingly