KT Ginxu Dragonfly Crossing Pro Carbon

KT Ginxu Dragonfly Crossing Pro Carbon



KT Ginxu Dragonfly Crossing Pro Carbon

Prepare for the ultimate channel-crossing experience with the KT Ginxu Dragonfly Crossing Pro Carbon, a downwind race board crafted for maximum paddle speed and designed to accommodate the fastest, smallest foil you’re comfortable with.

Model: Ginxu_Dragonfly_Crossing_Pro_Carbon The KT Ginxu Dragonfly Crossing Pro Carbon is engineered specifically for open ocean crossings and navigating softer, rounder rolling swells. Its design features a longer and narrower shape, a repositioned patented Step Bottom, and a full displacement front, making the Crossing the fastest gliding board in the KT lineup. The innovative, revolutionary volume flow includes a fuller nose to prevent diving in tight swells and maintains a well-balanced volume distribution along the entire length of the board. This design is complemented by the trademark Dragonfly kick tail for enhanced clearance and carving capabilities, alongside a more inset deck for improved balance and a more controlled, direct deck feel. The result is unparalleled top paddle speed, making ocean crossings and flatter water paddle-ups feel, in one word, effortless.

Volume Options: Available in 88, 94, 100, 106, 112, 120 liters.

Innovative Construction:

  • Revolutionary Seamless Form KT Technology: Provides an ultra-faithful representation of the original shape, offering greater precision than traditional CNC or mold processes.
  • Full Carbon Hull: Integrates the deck, bottom, and rails for a lightning-fast response and unmatched stiffness.
  • Full S-Glass Hull: Delivers a fast response, lively flex, and superior durability.

Additional Features:

  • US Track Boxes: Includes 2x 13” for versatile foil attachment.
  • Foil Compatibility: Soon to be paired with genuine KT foils, developed in collaboration with Kane de Wilde (@kdmaui) and Jason Diffin (@jasondiffin).
  • Traction Pads: KT Surfing® Single Density Traction Pads are segmented and slotted to save weight.
  • Color Options: Available in Metallic Silver and Neon Red Tech-Reveal KT finish, featuring inverted artwork and charcoal pads.

Experience the cutting-edge design and unparalleled performance of the KT Ginxu Dragonfly Crossing Pro Carbon, available for those who dare to tackle long distances and seek exceptional speed and stability on the water.