Inflatable wing-foil board



6'6 | 198 cm 32" | 81 cm 6.0" | 15.2 cm 170




Inflatable foil board-riding technology, like our Skywave Air 6’6 inflatable wing foiling board, revolutionises the wingfoil experience. The board offers versatility, convenience, and accessibility to enthusiasts of all levels in a highly transportable package. 

With a width of 32" and a generous volume of 170 litres, the Skywave Air 6'6 offers exceptional stability, making it suitable for beginners of any weight. The board helps riders who are learning the fundamentals, reduces the learning curve and instills confidence. The inflatable construction of the board provides a comfortable surface. It absorbs impacts and minimises the risk of injury during falls, making it making it ideal for learners. The 32” platform and 6” thick rails ensure high stability, buoyancy, and support. This makes it effortless for riders to transition from kneeling to standing. The extra rocker on the nose of the board contributes to softer and safer touchdowns, reducing the risk of nose-diving and enhancing the riding experience's overall safety. The relatively low and flat rocker-line curvature from nose to tail promotes early take-off, pre-flight glide, and manoeuvrability, making freeriding and fun manoeuvres achievable for riders of all skill levels.

The Skywave Air 6’6 inflatable wingfoiling board boasts advanced technology and materials to deliver exceptional performance and durability. The board's lightweight, super-strong carbon plate and dual-track carbon cassette US boxes provide a solid, secure mounting system for compatible hydrofoils. It ensures optimal performance and versatility to customise the setup according to your preferences.

The board utilises Twine-X® Fusion Double Layer Drop Stitch inflatable material, featuring 15,000 polyester threads per square meter. This construction provides high structural support and remarkable stiffness, enhancing the board's responsiveness. The smooth EVA deck offers superior comfort and grip for riders during extended sessions. The rear quarter features diamond-patterned grooves, providing added traction when stepping back. Surf-styled removable footstraps are screwed into embedded inserts, offering a secure and customisable fit for riders. A fast-flow rigged tail edge reduces drag, enhancing the board's responsiveness and agility. The Skywave Air 6’6 includes essential accessories, including a carry bag, a pump for easy inflation, a repair kit and a leg leash for added safety and security on the water.

Overall, the Skywave Air 6’6 inflatable wingfoiling board sets a high standard for convenience, stability, and performance. It is an excellent choice for beginners embarking on their wingfoiling journey, or experienced riders seeking a versatile and travel-friendly option for their adventures worldwide.



  • LeashThe 10' coiled safety leash provided attaches to the rear deck D-ring, the padded cuff fitting below the knee or around the ankle. It is intended for flat, still waters only. For other water environments, seek professional advice.
  • Bag100 x 90 x 20 cm. A high-quality functional bag for your inflatable board and accessories is essential to your inflatable board experience. Our design ensures all items fit easily with room to spare room. They include fully adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Rail PlateDual track carbon cassette US boxes and recessed finger slot for carrying.
  • Foot Strap3 high quality, removable, padded, adjustable foot straps for barefoot or boot riding.
  • PumpOur dual-action pump, set to dual-action, inflates on both up and down strokes. Use for the first 5-6psi of inflation. Set to single-action; air enters on the down stroke only. A pressure gauge indicates internal pressure. 61.5 x 26 x 7.55.
  • Repair KitIncludes PVC patches (use marine PVC contact glue) for simple repairs. Semi-inflate the board, clean the area with acetone, sand with 150 grit paper, apply contact glue evenly to the patch and board, apply the patch applying pressure, and leave for 24 hours.


  • ValveThe board is fitted with an H4 valve type, positioned at the nose (bow), tested beyond 60 psi, and highly durable.
  • Deck ProfileFlat with marine grade rear deck-mounted stainless steel D-ring anchor point for your leash.
  • Deck PadA soft, high-grip textured foam deck standing area provides bare-foot comfort and under-foot grip for short or long sessions.
  • Tail ProfileFast-Flow rigged tail edge, promotes faster, cleaner, low drag water release and improved control on take offs and landings.
  • Box TypeDual US box rail plate
  • Carbon PlateWeighing approximately 1.9kg, the carbon plate is the standout design feature of our inflatable wing foil board. The super strong pre-preg carbon plate is firmly glued under thick, high-density waterproof PVC and further supported by an EPS foam laminate.
  • Base MaterialPVC
  • Handle DesignDeep recess