Surf-Ears 3.0

Surf-Ears 3.0


SurfEars 3.0: Enhanced Hearing Protection for Surfers and Kitesurfers

Discover the latest advancement in aquatic ear protection with SurfEars 3.0. Designed to provide superior comfort and increased durability, SurfEars 3.0 are ideal for protecting your ears from the common condition known as surfer’s ear or swimmer’s ear. This condition, triggered by prolonged exposure to cold water and wind, causes bone growth in the ear canal that can lead to pain and infection. With SurfEars 3.0, you can enjoy the sounds of the waves while keeping water out, effectively preventing the development of surfer’s ear.

Upgraded Comfort and Fit SurfEars 3.0 has been refined to fit better than ever before. Recognizing that each ear is unique, there are now distinct plugs for the left and right ears, easily distinguishable by different colors. The new gel composition improves the seal, keeping water out more effectively. Additionally, an extra small size has been added to the existing large, medium, and small options, ensuring a perfect fit for every user (four sizes included in each set).

Reinforced Mesh The mesh in SurfEars 3.0, crucial for letting sound in while keeping water out, has been strengthened. The previous version's mesh could tear, but the new design features a robust construction that prevents any accidental punctures with your finger.

Additional Enhancements

  • Stronger Cord: The tether has been thickened for enhanced durability, and it can now be easily removed to wear the SurfEars without it.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: The new packaging includes an eco-friendly case with a convenient magnetic closure.
  • Color Coding: For easier identification and use.

Product Specifications

  • Best protection for your ears against surfer’s ear
  • Improved fit with a new gel composition for better water seal
  • Extended product life
  • Reinforced, puncture-resistant mesh
  • Stronger, detachable cord
  • Color-coded for easy identification

SurfEars 3.0 are trusted by professional surfers and kitesurfers, including Kevin Langeree and Conner Coffin, who rely on these for every session. Check out our video below for a detailed explanation directly from SurfEars. Dive into your next water adventure with the confidence that your hearing is well protected. Visit us at Wake-style.com to get your SurfEars 3.0 and keep your ears safe while you catch the waves.