Mid Length Foil Boards

Mid Length Foil Boards


Foil downwind inspired wingfoil boards, often referred to as mid-length boards, are a type of foil board designed with inspiration from traditional downwind SUP boards These boards typically have a longer and narrower profile compared to traditional short foil boards, which contributes to their unique performance characteristics.

Here's a breakdown of key features and concepts:

1. **Length and Width**: Mid-length boards are longer than shortboards but shorter than longboards, typically ranging from around 5'6" to 7'0" in length. They are narrower than traditional longboards, which helps reduce drag and increase speed.

2. **Inspiration from Downwind Paddleboarding**: These boards draw inspiration from the concept of downwind paddleboarding, where riders harness the power of the wind and ocean swells to glide across the water's surface. The longer length and narrower width of mid-length foil boards allow riders to efficiently catch and ride swells, similar to traditional downwind paddling.

3. **Foiling Capabilities**: While mid-length foil boards are inspired by downwind paddleboarding, they are equipped with foil mounts and designed for wingfoiling. They feature a foil-compatible construction, allowing riders to attach a hydrofoil beneath the board for lift and propulsion.

4. **Performance**: Mid-length foil boards offer a unique blend of stability, maneuverability, and speed. The longer length provides better glide and stability, making it easier to paddle and catch waves. Meanwhile, the narrower width reduces drag and increases speed, allowing riders to efficiently generate lift and glide across the water's surface while wingfoiling.

5. **Versatility**: These boards are versatile and suitable for various foil riding activities, including wingfoiling, downwind foiling, and even surfing. They can handle a range of conditions, from small waves to larger swells, making them ideal for riders looking for a single board solution for multiple foil riding disciplines.

Overall, foil downwind inspired wingfoil boards, or mid-length boards, offer a unique and exciting approach to foil riding, combining the principles of downwind paddleboarding with the thrill of wingfoiling for an exhilarating on-water experience.


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