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Rent A Sup


If you live in Het Gooi, you can easily find a nice spot for standup paddling. At Wakestyle Bussum you can buy or rent SUP boards. If you would like to SUP in Naarden, Naarden Vesting, Loosdrecht, Nederhost den Berg, Huizen, Muiderberg, or even in the channels of Amsterdam, contact our SUP rental in Bussum and go have fun with on one of our stand up paddle boards!

Where you can go sup:

  • Het Gooi -  The Ultimate Outdoor Experience!
    The beautiful surroundings of the Gooi region are something that everyone should experience at least once. Take a SUP and you will never forget what it feels like to be one with nature, viewing waterways for miles as they lead into other villages.
  • The Loosdrechtse Plassen are an abundant source of relaxation and joy. A perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day is by renting one of our supboards for three hours, exploring the gorgeous nature around us while laying out in the sun or jumping into one of many refreshing lakes!


Inflatable SUP Boards Rentals 

HALF DAY €12,95
(4 hours)
(return within 24h from pick up)
(Saturday and sunday, Pickup
friday evening or saturday)
WEEK €65
(7 days)


Rentals include:

  • 1x inflatable SUP
  • 1x leash
  • 1x paddle
  • 1x pump
  • 1x board bag
  • 1x electric pump (optional + 2 euros extra)

Wanna bring your 4 legged friend with you? 
No problems at all, dogs are allowed on the SUP! Contact us 06 35 31 03 61 / rental@wakestyle.eu

About Supping

Stand up Paddling has not been around for very long. It started off as a trendy, new sport and is still hip today. But it also falls under the category of serious water sports now too. There are many trips organized through some of the most beautiful spots like on the channels of Amsterdam, Utrecht or even Amersfoort. Next to that there are also many beautiful nature reserves like the Alde Feanen in Friesland or the Biesbosch in South Holland. In addition there have recently been more competitions held including different classes and disciplines like Freestyle, race, golf or downwinders (with wind).

In contrast to regular surfing where you're lying down or kneeling and paddling with your arms; when using a standup paddle board, we stand up straight and use a paddle instead of our hands for propulsion (thus lessening strain).

Stand Up Paddle Boards come in various lengths and widths depending on what you want to use it for: race supping, wave supping or just allround.

Stand up paddle boarding has been experiencing a recent surge in popularity. It can be done everywhere; On the ocean, lakes and rivers, as long as there is water!

SUPping is not difficult; but don't underestimate the workout. During a SUP-tour you are training your muscles as well as endurance. It's a challenging balance workout for all the muscles you didn't even know existed. Your core, in particular your abs, and back get plenty of work because there's constantly shifting from one foot to another. Plus it improves overall stability that can lead to better performance during other sports such as skiing, golfsurfing, kiteboarding or snowboarding!