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SUP Boards & Gear

On this page you will find all the newest and best SUP Boards, SUP Paddles and accessories. For info and tips about how to choose your SUP Board click on the link or scroll to the bottom of the page.

How to choose a Stand Up Paddle Board

SUP stands for "Stand Up Paddle".SUP Boards are long and wide boards with much more flotation than standard surfboards, allowing to stand on them on flat water, and to move using a paddle as propulsion.  A traditional mean of transport in Hawaii, Supping became a succesful sport in the last years, being more accessible than wave surfing.

Nowadays Standup paddleboarding covers different disciplines with specific gear: Race, Cruise and Wave riding. Follow our guidelies below for buying or renting your SUP board.

First of all, SUPs can be divided in two main categories:

  • Hard SUPs: rigid boards typically constructed of EPS foam with multiple layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin.
  • Inflatable SUPs:  foldable boards, constructed with solid layers of military grade PVC. They can easily be inflated using a double-action pump.

Consider an inflatable SUP if:

  • You have minimal storage space
  • You travel often and want to take your board with you
  • You’re a first-timer or on a budget
  • You’re an adventurous paddler and need a durable board


Consider a rigid SUP if:

  • You plan on only using it at local beaches, lakes, bays
  • You want to catch waves & go SUP surfing
  • You’re a load and go paddler
  • You want optimal performance, agility, and speed when paddle boarding

SUP Board Shapes:

Standup Paddle Boards are available in different shapes for specific disciplines:

All round / Cruising: this boards have a good shape for beginners or for paddlers that want to have only one sup and use it in different conditions, from flat water to small waves. This SUPs are easy to ride and perfect for beginners due to their stability.

Race / Touring: This are performing boards, with narrower and longer shapes, in order to glide faster and longer on the water. These SUP boards are the perfect choice for longer rounds and for more sporty paddlers. Due to the shape, they are less stable and not great for wave riding or beginners.

Wave SUPs: This boards are shorter and relatively wide for their size, they are super sensible to any input and turn very quick. This means that are great on waves but not good for long rounds, because they tend to turn at every stroke. Due to their smaller size and lower volume, this SUPs are less stable and not suitable for beginners.


SUP Paddles

Also paddles for SUP boarding are available in many diferent shapes and materials. Entry-level paddles are normally made in plastic and aluminium or fiberglass. Advanced paddleboarders can invest in carbon SUP paddles, which are more fragile but also significantly lighter for maximum performance.

Click on the link to visit our page dedicated to SUP Paddles.


SUP Rentals

If you live in Het Gooi or are visiting the region, you can easily find a nice spot for standup paddling. At WakeStyle Bussum you have the chance to buy, rent or "rent to buy" SUP boards. Click on the link for more info.