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Wingsurfing is a new discipline that is collecting a lot of consense from kiters, windsurfers and watersport fanatics.

If you want wingsurfing you need an Inflatable wing, a Wingfoil board and a foil. What makes wingsurf so special is that is accessible to most, you don’t need lines, launching space or buddies and is allowed on most waters.

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Wingfoil history and gear

The first wingsurf got born in 1986, invented by Tom Magruder, and was called "Wing Weapon". Since then, many different wingsurfers prototypes have been used not only paired to watersports, but also to land boards and skiing sports. Untill 2019, when the foil revolution exploded in the kite, windurf and other sailing disciplines. Slingshot is been the first brand to have the idea to pair wingsurfer traction to a foil board. 

Wingsurfing today is a totally new discipline that is attracting kiters, windsurfers and other watersports fanatics.


For Wingsurfing you need:

  • An Inflatable Foil Wing, also known as "foiling wing" or "Wingfoil"
  • A Wingfoil board, better if specific for the discipline
  • A Wingsurf foil fin, available on different shapes and sizes according to the wingsurfer style and experience.

What makes wingsurfing so special is that is accessible to most. You don’t need a lot of gear, long time to setup, space to extend your lines or a fellow surfer to to help you launch from the beach.

For this reasons, wingsurfing is allowed on most of the spots, even when other watersports are forbidden.

Foil Wing Handling:

How to handle a wing? There are actually 3 types of wings that offer 3 different ways of control.

  • Wings with a grab handle: These are the most common foil wings and have two or more handles according to the size. Ex : Ensis, Wasp, Slingwing. 
  • Wings with a boom: Duotone has a patent on this technology, used on the Echo. Windsurfers will feel immediately at home: it is possible to grab the bar everywhere and the wing is lighter as a result of this construction. This wings are great for freestyle and speed, but not as good for surfing waves.
  • Hybrid wings: The Eleveight WFS wing offers a hybrid construction with a short front boom and handles in the rear part. This construction brings the best of both worlds.

 Types Of Wingsurf Boards:

There are many different type of foil boards, but we can divide them in 2 types:

  • Hard boards: These inflatable hydrofoil decks are the most sold and the most performant. Thanks to the rigid construction, they offer a direct feel and maximum control on the foil.
  • Inflatable boards: Inflatables are perfect for beginner wingsurfers or for travellers. There is less risk of having them damaged during transport, and they offer more volume per size. It's easy to take them everywhere because, once deflated, they pack down to a small backpack.

Learn Wingsurfing:

How you learn wing foiling? Which are the step to take?

Here is a small guide:

  • Start by understanding how a foil wing works on the beach: Before hitting the water, play with your wing on the beach on ligh wind conditions. Learn how to flip the wing around and experiment moving your hands around and changing grab handles. Learn how to generate power. It will be already possible to learn the jibe and tack movements.  
  • Get on a SUP: Ok, now starts the fun! Navigate on a large SUP and learn the basics; go back and forth and start trying your first jibes and tacks.
  • Learn Foiling: If you never tried a foil board before, it is better to learn how it works by being towed behind a boat. Without distractions, you can focus on feeling how the board responds and, in less than one hour, you will be good to go (if you are already a foiler you can skip this part).
  • Wing foiling: Here you go!!! Grab tour wing, get on your foil board and start navigating. If you have followed correctly the previous steps, you should be able to take off for the very frist time. 

We strongly recommend to use of the right gear: a large foil, that will help you getting going in low winds and at lower speeds, a big wing and a wide and floaty board.

Do your first waterstart tries on a day with at least 15knts, avoid breaking waves and try to find a spot with as flat water as possible (waves and chop are killer in the beginning).

Always use a helmet and an impact vest, and don't forget to use a leash for your board.

If you wanna know more contact us or book one or more wing foil lessons with Wake-style.com!

Wingsurf Brands:

At wake-style.com and at our shop in Bussum you will find all the major brands for foil and wingsurfing gear

Foil Wings:

  • Duotone: one of the most iconic kitesurf  brands known first as "North Kiteboarding" stepped massively in to the wingsurf game bringing a huge back of knowledge 
  • Eleveight Kite: rising from the ashes of  Best Kiteboarding is the new hot brand and will surely blow our minds with the  new wings
  • Slingshot: they invented the very first inflatable wing , the slingwing v1. They are now ruling the market with  the Slingwing V2
  • Ensis: the Swiss brand that revolutionised the the sport and the wing of choice of the world champion Balz Muller
  • Ozone: leading brand in flying parachutes and kitesurfing.


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