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Armstrong Foils

Armstrong is a well-known New Zealand based hydrofoil brand . The company was founded by a group of water sports enthusiasts, led by Armie Armstrong, who were passionate about creating high-quality hydrofoils that could be used by a wide range of people.

Over the years, Armstrong has developed a reputation for producing some of the most advanced and innovative hydrofoils on the market. Their hydrofoils are designed to be fast, agile, and easy to use, making them ideal for a variety of water sports activities.

One of the key features of Armstrong hydrofoils is their advanced hydrofoil design. The company uses cutting-edge technology to create hydrofoils that can efficiently lift a rider out of the water, allowing them to glide across the surface with ease. This not only makes for an exciting and thrilling ride, but it also allows for greater speed and control.

In addition to their hydrofoils, Armstrong also produces a range of accessories and other products designed to enhance the hydrofoiling experience. These include hydrofoil-specific boards,  and other accessories that help riders to get the most out of their time on the water.

Overall, Armstrong is a highly respected brand in the hydrofoiling community, known for producing high-quality products that are built to last. Whether you are a seasoned hydrofoil rider or just starting out, Armstrong has a product that is sure to meet your high standard needs.

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