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Eleveight RS V8 Kite


Eleveight RS V8

Versatile, Multi-discipline, Crossover Freeride Kite By Eleveight


The 8th version of the Eleveight RS boasts exceptional efficiency, thanks to a revised profile that enhances its low-end performance. The aerodynamic delta-hybrid design is capable of covering the entire wind range with just two kites, making it stand out from the competition.

The kite's construction features a medium to high aspect ratio, which, when combined with a large angle-of-attack, provides extra grunt and power. The load distribution is also protected over time, and the three-strut frame structure supports the canopy, providing additional stability and accessibility for riders of all levels.

The RS V7 kite generates smooth power and has a light turning initiation, resulting in an ultra-direct feel. Its fast flight and turning characteristics allow for quick responses and limitless riding potential.

This kite's dynamic speed, generous hangtime, and thrilling forward momentum make it a standout product. Whether riders are chasing waves or performing freestyle tricks, the Eleveiught RS V7 kite delivers high performance and travels upwind quickly, even in choppy waters and gusty conditions.

Overall, the Eleveight RS V7 is a versatile powerhouse that can get freeriders stoked in no time.


For the season 2024 / 25 the Eleveight RS V8 ine has been upgraded once again, getting to its V6 edition. At Wakestyle, since its first edition, the RS has always been one of our best sellers, and we are glad to tell you that the new Eleveight RS V8 it's better than ever before!

This powerful little guy does it all, whether you're hitting up some freestyle tricks, going for some massive big-air jumps or kite loops, or even if you want a quick fix for your wave-chasing addiction, the new Eleveight RS V6has you covered!


In the words of Peter Stiewe, CEO & Product Manager at Eleveight Kites:

"The RS is a High-Performance Freeride Kite with a huge sweet spot over an impressive wind range. It is very well balanced and works for all riding styles".


For Beginners & Advanced Riders

Whether you are an expert or an amateur, the Eleveight RS V8 kite will let you go all out without worry. The construction features a medium-to-high aspect ratio with a huge angle of attack which adds extra power to this mighty kite sail.

Expect tons of hangtime and forward momentum for the ultimate kitesurfing experience!

Packed with innovative features, the Eleveight RS sails upwind smoothly no matter how tough and gusty the conditions are.


What's new in the Eleveight RS V8

The Eleveight RS V8 has been specifically modified to offer even better handling, leading to increased control and reduced weight across all the available sizes.

Its frame structure and load seam support the canopy, making the RS V8 accessible to riders of all levels. This kite will amaze you.

Finally, from Eleveight Kites you can expect a premium finish with the most advanced Teijin ripstop and the latest kitesurfing technology on the market, of course (click on the link to read an article dedicated to the brand on our blog).



  • Direct feeling
  • 3 strut delta hybrid construction
  • Stable and efficient in every condition
  • Huge hangtime
  • Smooth upwind performance
  • Smooth turning characteristics
  • Good for beginners and pros
  • Huge wind range
  • Multi-discipline crossover kite (freestyle, freeride, big-air, surf)


 Watch the official teaser Video for the Eleveight RS V8


Sizes and suggested use

Size: Suitable for:
 5 mt Very Lightweight riders or Stormy Winds (experts only)
 6 mt Wave Riding, Lightweight riders or Stormy Winds (experts only)
 7 mt Wave Riding, Big-Air, Kiteloops
 8 mt Wave Riding, Big-Air, Kiteloops
 9 mt Wave Riding, Big-Air, Kiteloops
10 mt Big-air, Freestyle, Freeride
12 mt Freestyle, Freeride
14 mt Lightwind, Freeride, Freestyle
17 mt Lightwind, Old-School Freestyle, Freeride



The Wake Style team review & opinion

For the fourth year, we are excited to announce the launch of a new version of the Eleveight RS V8 , one of our all-time favorite sails. 

The characteristic that led the Eleveight RS to be one of our absolute best-selling kites is its unmatched versatility: the RS is an authentic multi-discipline kite that suits different riding styles and levels.



The RS V8 For Beginners:

When you first try it, you will immediately notice how the Eleveight RS V8 behaves as a perfect beginners kite, thanks to it's direct feeling, soft bar pressure, great de-power ability, and huge wind range.


The RS v8 For Freestyle and Surfing:

Apart from being highly maneuverable, the Eleveight RS V8 is also an effective weapon for sick kiteloops and massive big-air jumps: riding this kite we have already broken our personal Woo records!

Surfers will also enjoy the 2023/24 RS while riding waves, as it guarantees care-less handling and stability while drifting down the lines.



If you are not a single-discipline rider, but you're more a versatile rider that rides in different conditions and appreciates progression in multiple disciplines while kitesurfing, the Eleveight RS V7 2023 / 24 is your kite. This kite excels in any aspect of kitesurfing: from freeride and upwind ability, to wave riding, freestyle, and loops, the Eleveight RS V7 will make you smile at every session... Is like having 3 kites in one!


Wakestyle Kite Shop Bussum

Wakestyle is a dedicated kitesurf shop run by passionate riders. You can buy the Eleveight RS V8  online, contact us for a personalized deal or come to see it in person at our store. 

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