Foil Drive Assist GEN 2 available in Europe at Wake-Style.com

 The Revolutionary Second Generation Foil Drive: 


The foiling community has been eagerly awaiting the reveal of the second generation of the Foil Drive, a product that has undergone two and a half years of meticulous development. This innovative lineup introduces two models: the Assist Slim and the Assist Max, each designed to cater to different aspects of the foiling experience.

 The Assist Slim: A Paradigm of Sleekness and Agility
The Assist Slim emerges as a model of sleekness and high performance in the foiling world. It is specifically crafted for those who prioritize a lower profile, lighter weight, and enhanced performance. This model is ideal for enthusiasts who are passionate about executing tight, agile turns and desire minimal interference from their equipment.

 The Assist Max: Synonymous with Power and Endurance
The Assist Max is characterized by its ability to deliver maximum power and runtime, all encapsulated within a compact design. It represents the ultimate choice for foil enthusiasts seeking to extend the boundaries of their experience. With a design that hides all external components, the Assist Max offers a clean and streamlined setup.

 Innovative Design and Broad Compatibility
Both the Assist Slim and Assist Max are notable for their advanced design. The core of each model is a solid block of aluminum, precisely machined to provide unparalleled strength and rigidity. This approach not only boosts durability but also ensures compatibility with a diverse range of boards.

 Groundbreaking Battery Technology: Waterproof and Robust
A key innovation in this generation is the waterproof battery, boasting an IP68 certification. This feature significantly enhances the reliability and safety of the device in various conditions. Additionally, the internal electronics are fully waterproofed, positioning these batteries at the forefront of the powered foiling market.

Motor Enhancements and Expanded Compatibility
Compatibility has been a focus in the new generation, with the models now supporting an impressive 93 different types of masts. The integration system is user-friendly, featuring a straightforward plug-in mechanism for the motor, which emphasizes ease of use and accessibility.

 Customization Through Technology
A newly introduced phone app allows users to tailor their foiling experience. This application enables adjustments in rider profiles and settings, offering a new level of customization and control over the foiling experience.

 Diverse Models for Varied Experiences
The Slim and Max models address different user needs. The Slim, being lighter and more compact, is suited for those who seek agility and straightforward operation. In contrast, the Max offers longer runtime and increased power, ideal for more extended, adventurous foiling sessions.

Ushering in a New Era of Foiling
The launch of the second generation of Foil Drive is set to redefine the foiling experience. It enhances the joy of the sport without compromising its essence. Suitable for both experienced and novice foil enthusiasts, these new models promise an electrifying and authentic experience.

In summary, the arrival of the second generation Foil Drive marks a significant leap forward in the world of foiling. Its combination of power, performance, and adaptability offers an unmatched experience to the global foiling community.



Foil Drive Gen 2 Mast compatibility

What are the advantages for Dw SUP Foiling with the Foil Drive?


The Foil Drive offers several benefits for downwind stand-up paddle (DW SUP) foiling, making it an attractive addition for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Here are some of the key advantages:

### 1. **Assistance in Light Winds**
- **Boost in Low Wind Conditions**: The Foil Drive provides additional thrust, which is especially beneficial in light wind scenarios. This assistance can help the rider to get up on the foil more easily and maintain speed in conditions that would otherwise be challenging.

### 2. **Efficiency and Endurance**
- **Conserves Energy**: Paddling into waves or maintaining momentum in downwind conditions can be physically demanding. The Foil Drive assists in these aspects, allowing riders to conserve energy, which can be crucial during long sessions.
- **Enhanced Endurance**: This energy conservation translates to longer sessions, enabling riders to enjoy their time on the water without getting exhausted too quickly.

### 3. **Accessibility for Beginners**
- **Easier Learning Curve**: For newcomers to DW SUP foiling, the extra power from the Foil Drive can simplify the learning process, making it easier to understand the dynamics of foiling without being overwhelmed by the need for constant, vigorous paddling.
- **Confidence Booster**: The additional thrust can give beginners a confidence boost, helping them to get up on the foil and experience the sensation of foiling sooner.

### 4. **Versatility in Equipment Use**
- **Less Dependence on Specific Gear**: With the Foil Drive, there is less need for specialized downwind equipment. Riders can use their existing SUP boards and foils more effectively, even in less than ideal wind conditions.

### 5. **Better Wave Catching Ability**
- **Enhanced Momentum for Wave Catching**: The extra thrust can help in catching waves more easily, which is particularly beneficial in downwind conditions where timing and speed are crucial for successful wave engagement.

### 6. **Technological Advancements**
- **Advanced Features**: The Foil Drive Assist PLUS, for example, offers enhanced power and efficiency, longer run times, and features like cruise control, which can be incredibly useful in managing long downwind runs【58†source】.

### 7. **Safety and Control**
- **Thermal Protection Mode**: The system is designed with safety in mind, featuring a thermal protection mode to prevent overheating during prolonged use【38†source】【39†source】【40†source】.
- **Control Over Power Output**: The rider has control over the amount of assistance provided, allowing for a tailored experience based on skill level and conditions.

### Conclusion
The Foil Drive transforms the DW SUP foiling experience by enhancing accessibility, reducing physical strain, and allowing for longer, more enjoyable sessions on the water. Its technological sophistication and ease of use make it a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced riders seeking to maximize their performance and enjoyment in downwind SUP foiling.


What are the advantages of the Foil. Drive for wing foiling?

Three primary reasons why the Foil Drive is particularly suitable for wing foiling:


  1. Assistance in Light Winds: The Foil Drive acts as an "easy button," providing the extra power needed to get up and maintain riding in light wind conditions. This reduces the effort required and can be particularly beneficial in the crucial 9-12 knot range.

  2. Reduced Equipment Needs: With the Foil Drive, the requirement for a wide range of specific light wind gear is minimized. It allows riders to effectively use their regular equipment in lighter winds, potentially saving on the cost and complexity of maintaining a diverse quiver of gear.

  3. Access to Wind Lines: The Foil Drive can be instrumental in reaching wind lines that are otherwise inaccessible due to geographical constraints or wind patterns. It enables riders to travel to and from areas with suitable wind more effortlessly.


The Foil Drive Assist PLUS system stands out for its technological advancements, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of foiling activities. Its ability to assist in light winds, simplify equipment needs, and provide access to favorable wind conditions makes it an appealing option for wing foilers and other enthusiasts. Additionally, its advanced temperature management system ensures safe and efficient operation.

For those interested in exploring or purchasing the Foil Drive, it is available at wake-style.com, offering an opportunity to enhance the foiling experience with this innovative technology.