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Axis Black Series Fuselage


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Axis Hydrofoil Fuselage

 Axis designed the black series fuselage in order to offer a matching high performance product for the new generation wings that would not compromise the performance.

The Black fuselage is compatible with the HPS and the smaller BSC wings, giving the right connection and rigidity to these faster foil sections.
The length of the Black fuselage is engeneerd  to place the front wings at the perfect position
Double check your front wing compatibility, only certain AXIS wings work with the Black fuselages.  Any rear wing can be used on any fuselage.



  •  Black-Series - Fuselage - Standard Length - 765mm
  • Black-Series - Fuselage - Short Length - 704mm
  • Black-Series - Fuselage - Ultrashort Length - 644mm
  • Black-Series -Fuselage - Crazyshort Length - 594mm
  • Black-Series - Fuselage - Windsurfing foiling - 899mm


AXIS Foils Black Fuselage