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Axis Power Carbon High Modulus Mast

Mast length

Performance carbon mast by Axis

4 Sizes: 75 cm // 82 cm // 90 cm // 102 cm

For 2022 Axis Foils biggest innovation after the ART front wing collection is the Power Carbon High Modulus Mast. High aspect foils due to their bigger wing span create a higher load on the mast, that's why Axis decided to produce possibly the stiffest mast ever build. The high modulus power carbon mast reduces drastically torsional flex. In order to achieve the max stiffness, Axis foils designers decided to produce a one piece mast where the base plate is integrated in it, this reduces also the drag of a multi joint pieces construction. A new fuselage connection reduces unwanted movements making this masta super reactive. Expect max feedback, responsiveness and strength !!

Axis Power Carbon High Modulus mast features:

  • Stiffest mast on the market 
  • One piece construction(baseplate integrated in the mast) for extra strength
  • Redesigned fuselage connection
  • Must have for the ART series and big PNG Foils
  • 35% stiffer than the Aluminium mast
  • Available in 4 lengths: 75 cm // 82cmm // 90 cm // 1020 cm

AXIS Power Carbon Masts have a new and greatly improved base connection design. While fully compatible with all existing Red & Black fuselage, a new installation technique/method is required, this involves simply inserting the mast leading edge first into the fuselage opening, then rotating the trailing edge down. Removal is done in reverse, trailing edge rotates out first... super simple!

Remember use only 30mm M8 bolts to attach fuselage to Power Carbon masts

AXIS Foils Power Carbon Mast Assembly



if you are looking to upgrade your Axis foil kit and you are surfing with high aspect front wings, The Axis Power Carbon High Modulus mast will definitely improve the connection between you and the foil by reducing unwanted torsion caused by high aspect front wings and heavy riders. This Axis carbon mast is 35% stiffer than the aluminium Axis mast and this is also achieved by the one piece design where the top plate is integrated in the mast making it super resistant and stiff. The Axis Power Carbon High Modulus mast is available  at Wake-style.com. Contact us for advice