Eleveight Kites ☆ Everything you need to know about the brand its gear
Eleveight Kites

Eleveight Kites

February 25, 2021

Everything you need to know about the brand & gear

Eleveight Kites is a European brand of kitesurfing & waterspots gear, born in 2017.

The brand suddenly made its first apparition in the kitesurf market with a new line of kites, boards and directional surfboards, but beware: Eleveight is not just another watersport brand, but a solid company here to stay.

Eleveight's designers bring to the market all their know-how and experiences from previously working for Best Kiteboarding, which decided to stop selling exactly in 2017. Eleveight continues the Best legacy but is completely another breed, pushed by continuous development and driven by passion, commitment and love for the sport.


At the top of the kite design line you can find the CEO of Eleveight Peter Stiewe, who is well known in the kite world for striving to always find the best and newest materials. For this reason, Eleveight partnered with Aqua Dynamics, the leading kitetesurf equipment supplier in the industry. Aqua Dynamics is a kite manifacturer based in Sri Lanka, also responsible for other top brands such as North Kiteboarding.

The head of the board design team is led by Austrian Franz Schitzhofer, who is known for the material and shape knowledge, who proved his skils by bringing to us boards like the Master, Commander and Process.

Top Models
eleveight rs kite in white and blue color

Eleveight RS

One of the most popular product of Eleveight Kiteboarding is the Eleveight RS kite, a versatile all-round kite focused on going huge for big air, kiteloops and hooked-in freestyle, but also good for wave ryding, freeriding and beginners, thanks to huge depower and upwind ability.

This kite packs the latest technology in kitesurfing and is suitable for all sort of kitesurfers, from learners, to intermediate riders and big air kitesurf freaks. Such versatility combined to top materials and good pricing, made this kite become a best seller and the choice for many wind lovers out there.

eleveight xs kite in white and red color

Eleveight XS

In late 2020 the Eleveight felt the need to addto their quiver a kite able to jump even higher for Big Air and so the mighty Eleveight XS was born. After one year of fine tuning the XS Version 2 (V2) is a kite that performs insanely good and in many cases outperforms premier big air kites like the Core XR, Ozone Edge, Slingshot Raptor or North Orbit.

Eleveight WFS Foil Wing - red

Eleveight WFS Foil Wing

The WFS is a new concept of foil wing, featuring a V Shape with deep profile and both soft handles on the strut and a rigid boom at the front, so being the first hybrid foil wing on the wingsurf market. The Eleveight WFS is so a very versatile wing that will excel in any wingsurf siscipline: waves, freestyle, race and cruising.

Eleveight Kites Logo

Eleveight Kites 2021

A new season is about to start and we are all super excited about what Eleveight will bring to the kitesurfing market. In 2021 you will see also new products, as the eleveight wings and wingsurf boards are coming to life. The launch date is expected in June.

Started from the ashes of Best Kiteboarding, Eleveight Kites now is one of the best, complete, innovative and most reliable brands on the market.

If you are looking to buy eleveight gear you can contact us or come visit us to our kite surf shop in Bussum. We are just a few minutes from away from Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Hilversum and Almere!