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Sabfoil Leviathan 1350 Foil Test & Review

Sabfoil Leviathan 1350 Foil Test & Review

September 12, 2023

Wake-style.com Sabfoil Leviathan 1350 Review

After several months of experience with the Sabfoil Leviathan 1350, I'm excited to share my insights. This review aims to assist you in making an informed choice, especially if you're considering a wing that excels in various disciplines.



The Sabfoil Leviathan foil line is tailor-made for riders seeking exceptional pump and glide performance. This is achieved through the wing's wide span and high aspect ratio (A/R), combined with a generously thick leading edge. These characteristics facilitate impressive glide and pumping capabilities, proving valuable in disciplines such as pump foiling, wing foiling, and "SUP Downwind." The Leviathan range offers five different sizes: 950, 1150, 1350, 1550, and 1750, with each size denoted by its width in centimeters.


  • Surface: 1870 cm2
  • AR: 9,75
  • Wingspan: 1350 mm
  • Volume: 2423 cm3


As an 85 kg rider with substantial foil experience, my setup primarily consisted of the 380s stab, a 73p mast, and a 669K fuse.

**Mast:** Due to the wing's width, I recommend using the specific thicker 73p or 83p mast. While it's possible to ride with a regular mast, you may notice some flex, affecting stability. The added stiffness of the thicker mast reduces energy dispersion and enhances direct foil control. I advise against using older generation masts with M6 screws, as they are more prone to breakage under the pressure generated by the wing.

**Fuselage:** I've experimented with the 703 fuse, but I've found that this wing performs optimally with the shorter 669k version. It adds playfulness and ease to pumping maneuvers. If you already own a 703k fuse, it can be used, but I believe investing in the 669k fuse is worthwhile for an improved foil experience.

**Stabilizer (Stab):** The 380s stab is an ideal match, offering a balance of stability and maneuverability during back foot pumping. For those looking to enhance endurance or beginners, a larger stab like the S 425, with its flat profile, can be a great addition. The 483 stab is recommended primarily for newcomers due to its exceptional stability but may compromise turning ability.




- **Pump Foiling:** The Sab 1350 Leviathan is an excellent choice for those venturing into pump foiling. Its lift and glide capabilities make it suitable for various pump foiling techniques, including run starts, dead starts, and jump or rock starts. The width is noticeable but manageable for making carve turns. Riders above 90 kg may consider the larger 1550 as a safer option for pump foiling.


- **Wing Foiling:** This wing boasts substantial lift, making it ideal for light wind conditions. Paired with a downwind board and a 6-meter wing in as little as 6 knots of wind, you're good to go. However, the experience in very low wind conditions may be less exhilarating, as top speed and turning ability are somewhat limited. Consider it a session saver rather than a top choice for pure wing foiling speed.


- **SUP Downwind:** The Leviathan 1350 is an excellent platform for beginners entering the challenging discipline of SUP Downwind. It provides sufficient lift for flying on lake swells and learning flatwater paddle-ups. However, it may not be suitable for medium to large sea swells, where you may find yourself over-foiled. Smaller Leviathan sizes like the 1150 and 950 or the Razor 980 are better suited for waves with more push.

**Final Conclusion:**

In my opinion, the Sabfoil Leviathan 1350 is the ultimate crossover front wing for those seeking versatility across multiple disciplines. This is especially true for beginners. Its design outshines the competition in terms of lift, glide, and user-friendliness. Stay tuned for a pump foil comparison with its larger sibling, the Sabfoil Leviathan 1750, and a SUP foil comparison with the smaller Leviathan 1150 and Razor 980. If you have further inquiries, want to try it out, or wish to share your thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out to the shop.

See you on the water!