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Armstrong A-Wing XPS


Sizes: 2.6 // 3.5 // 4.0 // 4.6 // 5.3 // 6.1




  • Newly developed Hybrid Carbon Handle (HCH) design
  • Rigid carbon interior skeleton for enhanced control
  • Soft padded exterior for increased comfort
  • Optimal balance of control, comfort, and safety
  • Precise handling for improved performance
  • Comfortable grip to reduce strain during extended sessions
  • Added protection to minimize the risk of injuries / board damage
  • Elevates overall riding experience


Introducing the revolutionary Armstrong A-Wing XPS, designed to elevate your wing foil experience, whether you're engaging in free flight, wave riding, or embarking on a freestyle session. The Armstrong team has collaborated with the finest wing and kite designers globally to create a wing that offers an unparalleled sense of connection while riding, exceptional upwind performance, impressive speed, and unwavering stability. Get ready to experience the ultimate in wing technology with the A-Wing XPS.

Prepare to witness the cutting-edge capabilities of the all-new Armstrong A-Wing XPS as it revolutionizes freeriding, wave riding, and freestyle experiences. Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, power, and control, this wing embodies the next generation of wing technology. We assembled a team of renowned wing and kite designers from around the globe to elevate this design to new heights. Every aspect of the A-Wing XPS has been meticulously considered, rigorously tested, and finely tuned across a diverse array of riding conditions. Get ready to embrace a new era of wing excellence.

Experience the cutting-edge innovation of the A-Wing XPS, featuring an extraordinary cross panel sail (XPS) design that revolutionizes your riding experience. With its futuristic panel layout, this advanced design significantly minimizes sail distortion by enhancing load distribution and frame rigidity. The result is a remarkably direct and controlled feel across all wing sizes, ensuring effortless and comfortable flying. Get ready to soar with unparalleled connectivity and enjoy a new level of ease and comfort with the A-Wing XPS.

By combining the XPS's advanced airfoil section with our meticulously crafted pre-twist tip geometry, the A-Wing XPS achieves unmatched speed and sublime upwind performance. This exceptional combination greatly enhances jump amplitude for freestyle maneuvers, providing ample hang time and effortless floatation for smooth landings. Wave riders will find their dreams come true with this wing, as it exhibits minimal luffing or sail flutter and exceptional stability. This allows riders to devote less attention to the wing itself and focus more on shredding the waves with unmatched precision and excitement.

Introducing the innovative Hybrid Carbon Handle (HCH) design, meticulously developed to enhance your experience. With a rigid carbon interior skeleton and a soft padded exterior, this unique combination achieves the perfect balance of control, comfort, and safety. The HCH design ensures optimal handling, allowing for precise control over your equipment. Additionally, the padded exterior provides a comfortable grip, reducing strain during extended sessions. Safety is also a top priority, as the HCH design offers added protection and minimizes the risk of injuries. Get ready to elevate your performance with the ultimate blend of control, comfort, and safety provided by the Hybrid Carbon Handle (HCH).


Reasons to choose the A-Wing XPS at wake-style.com


  1. Cutting-edge Performance: The A-Wing XPS offers next-generation performance, power, and control, ensuring an exhilarating riding experience like no other.

  2. Renowned Design Team: The wing was crafted by a team of world-class wing and kite designers, guaranteeing top-notch quality and innovation.

  3. Unparalleled Stability: With its rock-solid stability and reduced sail flutter, the A-Wing XPS allows you to focus on riding the waves or executing freestyle maneuvers with utmost confidence.

  4. Superior Speed and Upwind Performance: The airfoil section and pre-twist tip geometry of the wing result in incredible speed and sublime upwind performance, maximizing your time on the water.

  5. Hybrid Carbon Handle (HCH): The specially developed HCH design offers a perfect balance of control, comfort, and safety, enhancing your overall experience while ensuring a secure grip.

  6. Wide Range of Riding Conditions: The A-Wing XPS has been meticulously tested and fine-tuned across a variety of riding conditions, providing versatility and adaptability to suit your preferences.

  7. Unmatched Quality: wake-style.com is dedicated to offering only high-quality products, and the A-Wing XPS is no exception. You can trust that you're investing in a reliable and durable wing.

  8. Expert Customer Support: By choosing wake-style.com, you gain access to a team of knowledgeable professionals who are ready to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

  9. Elevate Your Riding Experience: With the A-Wing XPS, you can take your flying, wave riding, and freestyle sessions to new heights, unlocking the full potential of your water sports adventures.

  10. Trustworthy Retailer: wake-style.com is a reputable and trusted retailer known for its commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring a seamless shopping experience from start to finish.