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AFS Pure HA Foil Range


Glide and speed


The AFS PURE 800 HA and PURE 1100 HA stand out for their performance in environments with low to moderate energy. They are designed to provide endless glide while maintaining superb maneuverability. Their refined design ensures ample lift at lower speeds, enabling effortless sailing with light to moderate sail setups. This lift capability allows riders to maintain elevation above the water, seamlessly transitioning between swell trains.

Both the AFS PURE 800 HA and 1100 HA incorporate the innovative Fuselink technology, along with a notable enhancement in their fuselage design.

In comparison to the previous models, the fuselage length for each has been trimmed by 20mm, optimizing performance. Specifically, the PURE HA800's fuselage has been shortened from 592 mm to 572 mm, and the PURE HA1100's from 573 mm to 553 mm.

Additionally, the mast's position has been adjusted 10 mm forward towards the front wing. This change enhances direct and precise control, significantly improving the foil's overall maneuverability and handling.



  • UHM Carbon Kevlar construction

  • High Aspect Ratio

  • Anhedral bell shape

  • Monobloc structure

  • Ultra thin profile

  • Light weight

  • Superior strength and stiffness

  • Next level glide

  • Made in France