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Axis Foils ART - Carbon Front Wing


Axis Research Team Hydrofoils

4 Sizes: 1099 // 999 // 899 // 799

The Axis ART foil series is the pinnacle of hydrofoil technology ! The Axis ART front wings have a reduced chord with a high aspect and offer the most hydrodynamic advanced design available. Paired to the AXIS carbon mast and to the Axis progressive rear wings offer an incredible performance with almost no resistance, that translated means: Freakin' Smoot & Fast !!! The Axis ART hydrofoil front wings excel in wingsurf downwind, foil surf and pump foil.

The Axis ART front wings come in 4 different sizes:

  • Axis ART 1099 Front Wing: This front wing is the biggest of the 4 and offers an aspect ratio of 10.6 aimed to performance and outstanding glide. Despite the size is impressively fast but with an incredible pump ability and keeps great turn abilities. The stall speed is slow and the feeling is very similar to the smaller sizes. Due to the large wing span this wing is not ment for jumping  

    Technical Data:

    WINGSPAN: 1100 mm / 43.31 inches

    MAX CHORD: 130mm, 5.12inches


    ASPECT RATIO: 10.6

    ACTUAL AREA 1144 square cm / 177.3 square inches

    PROJECTED AREA: 1142 square cm / 177 square inches

    VOLUME: 905 cubic cm / 55.2 cubic inches 

  • Axis ART 999 Front Wing: The 999 is surprisingly easy to use and despite the small size offers a fairly low stall speed. It is very similar to the 1099 but with better turn characteristics . Great for foil wing surfing, prone surfing and windfoiling. The Axis ART 999 Pumps easy and it's one the most loved front wings of the AXIS ART range 


    Technical Data:

    WINGSPAN: 999 mm / 39.37 inches

    MAX CHORD: 125mm, 4.92 inches


    ACTUAL AREA 1038 square cm / 160.9 square inches

    PROJECTED AREA: 1010 square cm / 156.6 square inches

    VOLUME: 871 cubic cm / 53 cubic inches 


  • Axis ART 899 Front Wing: Great speed, insane carves, easy pumping and glide are the main features of this ART front wing. Ideal for intermediate to advanced riders. This front wing performs in many disciplines as kite, wing foil, prone surf, tow surfing, SUP down wind.                                                                                         

    Technical Data:

    WINGSPAN: 899 mm / 35.43 inches

    MAX CHORD: 120mm, 4.72 inches
    ASPECT RATIO: 9.76
    ACTUAL AREA 850 square cm / 131.8 square inches
    PROJECTED AREA: 830 square cm / 128.6 square inches
    VOLUME: 690 cubic cm / 42.1 cubic inches

  • Axis ART 799: The Axis Foils ART 799 is really fast, recommended for light or intermediate to advanced riders, has a higher stall speed when compared to the other  bigger ART sizes. This front wing is ideal for speed,,tow in, prone kite and wingsurfing                                                                                                                      

    Technical Data:

    WINGSPAN: 799 mm / 31.5 inches
    MAX CHORD: 120mm, 4.72 inches
    ASPECT RATIO: 9.05
    ACTUAL AREA 730 square cm / 113.2 square inches
    PROJECTED AREA: 707 square cm / 109.6 square inches
    VOLUME: 540 cubic cm / 32.9 cubic inch 

  • Axis ART 699: This is a pure speed machine. The ART 699 works best in extreme conditions, big powerful waves and / or high winds. Very light riders can still enjoy this wing in moderate wind conditions. If you are looking for lightning speed and razor sharp carves than look no further                                                     

The AXIS ART front wing series is compatible with the Black Series Fuselage

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