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Axis hydrofoil designs high performance hydrofoil wings made accessible to everyone.

This new line of high aspect hydrofoil front wings, also featuring the newest black fuselage, is the result of a long and intensive design and test process.

The Axis Foil HPS front wings are the ideal performance wings for Wingsurfing, Downwind riding and for Surfing mellow to fast and powerful waves. But they can also be used in all the other disciplines where an hydrofoil can be mounted on a board.


The bigger sizes are perfect for:

  • Freestyle Wingsurfing
  • Kite foiling
  • Towing


Smaller sizes are suitable for:

  • SUP foil
  • Prone Surf foil & Wave Surfing
  • Wake surf
  • Windsurf foil
  • Wing foil in medium to high winds

The camber of the HPS, a key variable in the lift versus drag trade-off, is also the lowest in the AXIS range.

The benefits of the HSP foil are not just limited to the most experienced foil riders. The design and ease-of use will makes this hydrofoil wings accessible for all types of riders, no matter of the level they have, or the discipline thei practice. This thanks to their evenly balanced plan-shape and carefully considered down-turn and twist.

You'll immediately notice how this foil wings will turn freely, with a friendly and predictable feeling, that will make you progress to the next level!

The AXIS HPS has quickly become the most popular foil wing line among the foil wing enthousiasts, from novice to experienced, just a basic wingsurfing level is required.





Axis Foils HPS 1050 : 

Technical Data

  • WINGSPAN: 1050 mm / 41 inches
  • MAX CHORD: 170mm
  • ASPECT RATIO: 7.55
  • ACTUAL AREA 1502 square cm
  • VOLUME: 1665 cubic cm / 102 cubic inches


Axis Foils HPS 980

Technical Data

  • WINGSPAN: 980 mm / 38.6 inches
  • MAX CHORD: 160mm / 6.3inches
  • ASPECT RATIO: 7.49
  • ACTUAL AREA 1323 square cm
  • VOLUME: 1379 cubic cm / 84 cubic inches

Axis Foils HPS 930

Technical Data:

  • WINGSPAN: 930 mm / 36.6 inches
  • MAX CHORD: 155mm / 6.1 inches
  • ASPECT RATIO: 7.34
  • ACTUAL AREA 1214 square cm / 188 sq inches
  • VOLUME: 1228 cubic cm / 75 cubic inches

Axis Foils HPS 880

Technical Data:

  • WINGSPAN: 880 mm / 34.65 inches
  • MAX CHORD: 150mm
  • ASPECT RATIO: 7.17
  • ACTUAL AREA 1112 square cm
  • VOLUME: 1088 cubic cm / 66.42 cubic inches

Axis Foils HPS 700

Technical Data: 

  • WINGSPAN: 700 mm / 27.56 inches
  • MAX CHORD: 160mm
  • MEAN AVERAGE CHORD: 124.29mm
  • ASPECT RATIO: 5.63
  • ACTUAL AREA 890 square cm / 138 square in
  • VOLUME: 1060 cubic cm / 65 cubic inches


What screws to mount wing to the fuselage:

HPS WING Front Screws Middle Screw Rear Screw
1050mm x 170mm M6 x 14mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm
980mm x 160mm M6 x 14mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm
930mm x 155mm M6 x 14mm M8 x 16mm M8 x 20mm
880mm x 150mm M6 x 14mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm
830mm x 145mm M6 x 14mm M8 x 16mm M8 x 20mm
700mm x 160mm M6 x 14mm M8 x 16mm M8 x 20mm
650mm x 140mm M6 x 14mm M8 x 16mm M8 x 20mm



Wakestyle Team Opinion

The HPS Axis Foils High Performance Speed Wings is a new generation of front wings made for high-speed and performance riding. They feature a perfectly balanced shape, that makes them highly performing while staying stable and predictable at all times, with enormous amount of glide and fast and tight turning.

While other brands high aspect hydrofoils are only suitable for experienced riders, the Axis HPS are more user-friendly and forgiving. Foil riders of all levels will feel confident with them, with grat fun and progression guaranteed.

Making them available in 7 different sizes, Axis Foils assure to you the chance to purchase exactly the right hydrofoil wing for favorite discipline.


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