Sabfoil M93K / M83K - W899 - S425 - F703K Foil Kit - Wake-style.com

Sabfoil M93K / M83K - W899 - S425 - F703K Foil Kit - Balz Muller

Mast size

Balz Muller Freestyle freeride foil wing kit



This Sabfoil kit designed by Pro Rider Balz Muller is perfect for wing-foil surfing, and in particular freestyle or freeride when there are medium to strong winds. Thanks to the Kraken modular connection system, this kit is compatible with all other components from the same SABFOIL Kraken line making it easy to switch between components in a blink of ey, without having any issues. 

The kit consists of:

    • Mast: Sabfoil M93K - 93 cm or M93K 83 cm

    • Front Wing:

    • Sabfoil W899 - 1383 cm2

    • Stabilizer:

    • Sabfoil S425 - 266 cm2

    • Fuselage:

    • Sabfoil F703K - 703mm

    • Mast Plate:

  • Sabfoil P02K

The Wakestyle Team Opinion

The Sabfoil W899 in combination with the s425 stabiliser could be an all condition foil kit for winds blowing above 13 knots. The W899 front wing has a very nice glide and performs very well in the waves. Jumping and freeride abilities are at the top of its class, the front wing is also very strong and almost impossible to break after a heavy landing (on the water :P) At Wakestyle we are fund of this wing and when we doubt about the wind condition we know that with this Sabfoil kit we are going to have 100% fun