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Duotone Skybrid SLS


The 2024 Duotone Skybrid is a  Mid-lenght Wing-foil Board by Duotone

Discover the Duotone Skybrid SLS Wingfoil Board at Wake-Style.com

At Wake-Style.com, we're thrilled to introduce the Duotone Skybrid SLS wingfoil board, a pinnacle of performance and versatility. As the latest addition to Duotone's lineup, the Skybrid SLS masterfully bridges the gap between the dedicated Downwinder series and the class-leading compact wingfoil boards like the Sky Free. Designed for enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of glide efficiency and a unique riding feel, the Skybrid SLS is ideal for both seasoned foilers and newcomers alike.

Key Features of the Duotone Skybrid SLS:

  • Mid-Length Design: Nestled perfectly between our Downwinder and Sky Wing board series, the Skybrid SLS offers an ideal mix of stability and agility, providing a versatile choice for freeride and freefly enthusiasts.
  • Highly Efficient Take-Off: Engineered for quick and smooth launches, allowing you to take to the skies with minimal effort.

Performance Highlights:

  • Glide Efficiency: Achieve glide efficiency nearly on par with a Downwinder but in a more compact design, ensuring superior control and performance under various conditions.
  • Versatile Riding Experience: Feel the thrill of riding with or without straps, thanks to the Skybrid SLS’s adaptable design that conforms to your preferred style.

Available Sizes at Wake-Style.com:

  • 5'4'' x 20'' (55 liters)
  • 5'6'' x 21.25'' (70 liters)
  • 5'8'' x 22'' (85 liters)
  • 5'10'' x 22.75'' (100 liters)
  • 6'0'' x 23.5'' (115 liters)


Technical Details:

  • Optimized Outline: A narrower and longer outline enhances glide and take-off efficiency, giving you a performance edge.
  • Innovative Cutouts: Designed for the earliest release, maximizing each session’s potential.
  • Recessed Deck: Ensures a direct connection with the foil, enhancing your control and responsiveness.
  • Extended Carbon Tracks: Allow for precise adjustments to your setup, catering to various riding styles and conditions.
  • Multiple Footstrap Options: Customize your ride with various footstrap configurations to match your preferences.
  • Lightweight Construction: Built with Biax Carbon PVC sandwich construction, the Skybrid SLS is both lightweight and durable, ensuring longevity and top performance.

The Duotone Skybrid SLS is more than just a wingfoil board; it's a versatile platform that might just become the only board you'll ever need, offering a significant advantage as you progress in wingfoiling. Dive into our collection at Wake-Style.com, where we help every rider, from beginner to pro, find the perfect gear to elevate their water sports experience.




As someone who lives and breathes wing foiling, I can confidently say that the Skybrid SLS from DUOTONE, available at our webshop Wake-Style.com, represents a significant leap forward in wing foiling technology. It’s built to enhance your performance and maximize your fun on the water. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary addition to the wing foiling world — prepare to elevate your ride in 2025 with the Skybrid SLS. Join us at Wake-Style.com and be part of this exciting journey!

Board Sizes
Length Width Volume
5‘4’’ 20’’ 55l
5‘6’’ 21.25’’ 70l
5‘8’’ 22’’ 85l
5‘10’’ 22.75’’ 100l
6‘0’’ 23.5’’ 115l