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Race coreless mast

Introducing the Sabfoil Red Devil 94 Mast: Unleash Your Need for Speed!

The Sabfoil Red Devil 94 mast is a high-performance marvel tailored for the thrill of racing, slalom, and any pursuit where the pursuit of maximum speed is paramount.

Constructed entirely from premium High Modulus carbon fiber, the Sabfoil  Red Devil 94 offers an unparalleled blend of performance and durability. Its absence of a core ensures exceptional stiffness, guaranteeing the mast's capability to withstand even the most demanding conditions. The dedicated speed profile enhances hydrodynamic efficiency to achieve peak performance.

Straight from the factory, the Sabfoil Red Devil 94 mast arrives meticulously hand-sanded and ready for action, delivering top-tier performance right out of the box.

Our mission was to make the advantages of a racing-grade product accessible to all. As a result, we've made the Sabfoil Red Devil 94 mast available with the classic KMS (R8) connection, allowing compatibility with the standard Kraken Modular System series fuselages.

While High Modulus carbon components offer remarkable stiffness and performance, it's essential to note their vulnerability to impacts. **THEREFORE, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE RED DEVIL SERIES IS UNSUITABLE FOR JUMPS AND FREESTYLE ACTIVITIES, AS THEIR USAGE IN SUCH CONTEXTS CAN BE DANGEROUS AND IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.** Your safety remains our utmost priority.