WIP Wing Flow Neo Impact Vest

WIP Wing Flow Neo Impact Vest

Safety and impact vest for wingfoiling

Welcome to Wake-Style.com, where we present you the ultimate safety accessory for your water adventures, the Wing Neo Vest 50N by Forward WIP. This top-tier buoyancy aid is designed with the latest technology to provide you with superior comfort, exceptional mobility, and above all, unparalleled safety. Crafted meticulously for extreme water sports enthusiasts, this vest is your ideal partner for activities like wing surfing, kiteboarding, and more.

The Wing Neo Vest 50N, with its sleek design and advanced safety features, is a perfect blend of style and functionality. This high-performing piece of equipment guarantees both the comfort and the freedom you need to perform at your best while maintaining your safety throughout your water sport experience.

Innovative Construction and Design

The Wing Neo Vest 50N is manufactured with a soft and durable neoprene exterior that guarantees longevity and excellent resistance to wear and tear. Internally, the vest incorporates ultra-flexible PVC foam that conforms to your body, ensuring a snug and secure fit without compromising your movement or comfort.

Safety First

Designed with an integrated 50N buoyancy aid, the Wing Neo Vest 50N prioritizes your safety. This buoyancy level is certified by ISO standards, making it a trusted choice for a wide array of water sports. Its fastening system, including a YKK zipper and adjustable straps, ensure a secure fit while providing swift and easy donning and doffing.

Optimum Comfort and Mobility

The Wing Neo Vest 50N is engineered for comfort and unrestricted movement. The ultra-flexible foam along with the ergonomically cut design allow for maximum mobility, enabling you to perform at your best. Its lightweight construction makes it a perfect gear for prolonged use without causing discomfort or fatigue.

Unisex Design

The Wing Neo Vest 50N is designed with everyone in mind. Available in various sizes, this unisex buoyancy vest caters to all water sports enthusiasts regardless of gender. Its sleek, minimalist design is equally appealing to all, ensuring that you don't compromise on style while focusing on safety.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Construction: The vest is made with a soft, durable neoprene exterior and an ultra-flexible PVC foam interior for comfort and durability.

  • High-Level Safety: Integrated 50N buoyancy aid certified by ISO standards, ensuring maximum safety during your water sports activities.

  • Superior Comfort and Mobility: Lightweight and ergonomically cut design allows for maximum mobility and comfort, even during prolonged use.

  • Secure Fit: Equipped with a YKK zipper and adjustable straps for a secure and comfortable fit.

  • Unisex Design: Available in various sizes, it caters to all water sports enthusiasts, regardless of gender.

The Wing Neo Vest 50N by Forward WIP, available at Wake-Style.com, is an epitome of innovation, comfort, and safety. Designed with attention to detail and crafted for high performance, this vest is an indispensable part of your water sports gear. Dive into your water sports adventures with assurance and style, knowing you are equipped with top-tier protection offered by the Wing Neo Vest 50N. Embrace the waves, ride the winds, and let us take care of your safety.