Xcel Impact Vest

Xcel Impact Vest


Wing, foil, wake impact vest


Introducing the XCEL Neoprene Wake Protective Vest, your ideal companion for your  wing, foil and wakeboarding andventures. Crafted to deliver top-notch protection, this vest boasts a thick, full-surface protective foam that ensures your safety on the water. The fusion of this resilient neoprene foam with a tailored fit results in unparalleled comfort during your wakeboarding adventures.

Wearing this vest is a breeze - simply slip it over your head, and for added convenience, a discreet side zipper on the right provides extra assistance in getting it on. To guarantee a secure and slip-free experience, we've integrated an elastic waistband at the lower edge, ensuring it stays in place throughout your ride.

- Constructed from high-density, protective material
- Effortless wearability with a discreet side zipper on the lower back
- A snug fit that stays securely in place, preventing ride-up

Experience the perfect blend of protection, comfort, and style with the XCEL Neoprene Wake Protective Vest.



  • Glide Skin Neoprene Stretch
  • Impact Foam Strategically Placed
  • Pullover ¼ Back Zip Design
  • Wind Resistance
  • Engineered Fit