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Cabrinha Code V2 Foil Board


Wing foil specific board by Cabrinha

SIZES: 4'8" X 23.5" X 4.2" X 60L / 4'11" X 23.5" X 4.6" X 72L / 5'2" X 24.25" X 5.3" X 86L / 5'5" X 24.5" X 5.5" X 100L / 5'8" X 26.5" X 5.6" X 114L / 5'11" X 29.5" X 5.75" X 130L

The wingsurfing sport is advancing rapidly and the Cabrinha Code version 2 has improved in key areas to simplify it. The shape has changed with a redesigned nose and pronounced keel for better stability and takeoff. Its compact size and ample volume allow you to use a smaller board than before. The lightweight EPS and strong bamboo/UD carbon construction give you confidence and control while riding. The Cabrinha Code is the most versatile wing foil board in the range, delivering all-round performance. 


  • NEW: redesigned nose keel for improved directional stability and release
  • NEW: Tail shape for improved release
  • NEW: Efficient outline and rail flow/chime, for improved efficiency and release
  • Carbon Stringer
  • Short compact design
  • Durable Composite Bamboo Deck construction with UD Carbon stringer
  • Lightweight bottom double UD Carbon stringer
  • EPS Core, Light Weight & Buoyant
  • Angle adjustable 2 or 3 strap insert configuration
  • Bottom carry handle

    Included with the board: 4pcs m8x30mm mounting bolts, m8 Lockable Tnuts, full deck pad (NOTE: straps sold separately).

    Size 4'8 4'11 5'2 5'5 5'8 5'11

    Weight of Board (kg)

    (Tolerances may vary)

    5.59 6.00 6.57 7.13 7.64 8.26


    Wingfoil specific buildWingfoiling requires unique strength not found in other board sports. Our wingfoil construction addresses this need, using a lightweight EPS core and durable composite build with bamboo and uni-directional carbon stringer to handle the forces. 

     The Wake-style.com opinion

    The Cabrinha Code V1 was one of our favourite board last season, we see that for 2023 Cabrinha used a new shape and size distribution. The Code V2 is slightly longer than the V1 and this facilitates take offs also when sizing down, the slightly narrower shape offers better pitch control and more space for error when surfing waves. When compared to last year's model, the weight has slightly increased but this can be seen as an advantage as the construction is stronger than ever !!!  If you have more questions about this board please contact the shop wake-style.com or write us an email info@wake-style.com