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Duotone Sky Style SLS


Intermediate to Advanced freestyle, freeride and wave foil board


Renowned among ambitious wingers, the Sky Style range has earned its reputation for delivering an exceptional fusion of take-off performance, precise landings, and an inherent sense of playfulness in the surf. Crafted to evolve and enhance your personal style, the Duotone Sky Style Foil Board is a true embodiment of innovation and progression.

Embracing the forefront of progressive Wing Foiling, the Sky Style is recognized as one of the most favored shapes in the field. Building upon this success, our dedicated design team has taken the concept further by refining the shapes and introducing new features, including an additional size to extend the range of the new Sky Style SLS.

At the core of the Sky Style's design philosophy lies the incorporation of extra rocker, a hallmark feature that ensures highly responsive and intuitive reactions. This rocker configuration amplifies your control over the pitch of your foil, rendering the Sky Style remarkably balanced and incredibly enjoyable across various conditions – from tranquil flatwater to dynamic surf. The heightened nose design not only provides additional leverage for jumps but, when combined with the generous volume, guarantees effortless recovery even from steep landings. Moreover, the Sky Style SLS features a deck recess that delivers impeccable stability for take-offs and controlled sinking, catering to riders using volumes beneath their body weight.






45 L   

21.8" / 55.3 cm

| 4'5" / 134 cm


55 L   

22.5" / 57 cm

4'7" / 139 cm


65 L   

23.3" / 59 cm

4'9" / 144 cm


75 L   

24" /  61 cm

 4'11" / 149 cm



  • BEVELLED RAILS Maximized clearance in tight turns. Easier release when pumping up.
  • FOOT STRAPS: Versatile foot strap inserts. Options for double front strap, single diagonal front strap, or straight single front strap.

  • INSERTS: Double screw inserts for back strap attachment.

  • NOSE: High volume nose for stability in starts and landings. Balanced sinking for controlled performance.

  • OUTLINE: Sharp release edges in tail. Parallel bottom outline for early take-off and smooth gliding landings.

  • RECESSED DECK:Recessed deck shape for stability and control.Direct connection with the foil for precise handling.

  • ROCKER LINE: Higher rocker line for enhanced leverage over the foil. Maximum pop for take-offs and smooth landings with quick recovery.

  • SHAPES: Small to medium size shapes suitable for advanced wingers. Volumes around or below body weight for optimal performance.

  • COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Full deck pad with tail kick for grip and comfort. Provides support behind your back foot during starts.

  • EASY ACCESS: Bottom handle for convenient and easy access.

For 2024, Duotone took innovation even further by enhancing the rail bevels across all Sky Style SLS shapes. By significantly extending these bevels towards the back, we've unlocked heightened clearance in the surf, empowering riders to carve tighter lines with confidence. Furthermore, by gently tapering the bevels towards the nose and tail, we've achieved streamlined bottom contours, enhancing glide and making it easier to generate lift and propulsion.

An exciting addition to the lineup is the 45-liter Sky Style SLS 4'5", which has been seamlessly integrated from the Sky Surf range and adapted to harmonize with the Sky Style SLS shapes. This variant serves as the ultimate machine for lighter wing enthusiasts, ushering them into a new realm of performance possibilities.

If you're prepared to transition to a smaller size and elevate your wing game, the Duotone Sky Style SLS ensures that the journey is not only seamless but also immensely rewarding.

Experience the thrill of the Duotone Sky Style Foil Board, where innovation meets style, and progression knows no bounds. Your wing foiling adventure is about to reach unprecedented heights!