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Axis Foils Wake - Dockstart Set


The OG pump foil set 

If you are into dock-starting or pump foil is for sure  you heard about the Wake Thief. In Spring 2020, Devon AKA Wake Thief fell in love with the AXIS PNG 1150 Carbon Front Wing, the largest high aspect ratio surf hydrofoil available. The Axis Png 1150 foil doubled Devon's flat water pumping distance and allowed 2.5 minutes of unassisted flight, launching his quest to fly forever on a hydrofoil. He transformed his lakefront into a test facility and experimented with different rear wings, fuselages, and masts before settling on his preferred setup. The Wake Thief Edition is his go-to for dock starting, riding small wakes, and pumping around the lake to create an endless wave. The front wing selection is crucial in determining lift, drag, and thrust of a hydrofoil. After trying over 30 different hydrofoils, Devon found the AXIS PNG 1150 front wing to be exceptional due to its large area that enables low-speed take-off and high aspect ratio wing shape that reduces drag and allows for long glides. This rare combination of large area, high aspect ratio, and efficient lifting foil cross-section makes the 1150 ideal for pumping long distances, even for heavier riders. The mast links the board and glider of the foil. The AXIS Aluminium 750mm mast is the ideal length, allowing the foil to soar over passing wakes while maintaining control. Devon chooses the 19mm thick mast for its rigidity and stiffness, essential for handling the large wingspan 1150 front wing's wingtip loads. The fuselage links the front and rear wings and affects the foil's pitch control. Devon prefers the short fuselage for its balance of pumping cadence and speed for long distance pumping and fluid, controlled carving. He uses the standard fuselage for solo pumping, but the short fuselage is his go-to choice. The rear wing regulates pitch and generates thrust during pumping. Devon likes the AXIS 460mm Carbon Rear Wing for its thin cross-section, large area, and high aspect ratio, low-drag shape. This wing provides efficient thrust while pumping and low drag while flying, reducing the pumping power required. Using a shorter, low-volume board with the Wake Thief Edition reduces pumping energy because lighter, shorter boards have less "swing weight" inertia while pumping compared to larger boards.


  • The best pump foil set 
  • Axis quality
  • Wake Thief approved
  • Agile and efficient
  • Good for long distances, flat water and waves
  • Ideal also for SUP DW

It is possible to choose this set in different configurations, with the Axis PNG 1310 front wing or with the Axis 1150 Front wing.

REMEMBER: the 1310 is a foil that needs a run start and the 1150 can be jump started, keep ithis n mind  when you choose your front wing, we all pump foil  from different docks/rocks/ladders, some have the room for running and some not.

We offer the possibility of buying this kit with a 19 mm aluminium mast or with the lates Axis High Modulus performance carbon mast.

If you have any question or if you want to try material please contact us info@wake-style.com or call our store. See you on the dock !!!


The Kit includes:

  • 1x Png 1150 or 1310 frontwing
  • 1x 460 flat pump rear wing
  • 1x standard red fuselage
  • 1x 75 cm aluminium 19 mm mast
  • 1x 19 mm mast plate
  • 1x 19 mm mast doodad
  • 1x screw set RVS

Here is a small clip of the test of this amazing hydrofoil kit