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Duotone Unit D-Lab 2022 Foil Wing

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The Duotone Unit Dlab is a Cutting Edge Wave, Freestyle & Freeride Foil Wing

Possibly the most advanced Wingsurf wing available on the market.

Get ready to ride one of the most advanced foil wings of 2022, the new Duotone Unit D-Lab. This wing is not only 15% lighter, but also 50% stiffer than the regular version of the Duotone Unit wing. The geeks at the Duotone Lab have achieved these results by using the famous ultra-light and ultra-stiff ALUULA material on the leading edge and strut. The Aluula fabric reduces drastically the weight and improves the wing's qualities, like lift and responsiveness. Therefore, the 2022 Duotone Unit DLab allows you to extend the wind range and get earlier on your foil.
By adopting D-lab equipment you will need one less wing in your quiver if you were used to a quiver of more than 2 wings for wingsurfing.
The extra lift provided will help you jump higher and help you during transitions, while the quiet nature of the Unit will make sure that you will forget about the wing once riding a wave.
If you Wanna ride the most advanced foil wing available then you definitely have to try the 2022 Duotone Unit D-Lab!

Sizes Available

The D-Lab version of the Duotone Unit is also available in 2 bigger sizes for light wind wing foiling: the 6 and 6.5 mt.

  • 3.5 mt
  • 4.0 mt
  • 4.5 mt
  • 5.0 mt
  • 5.5 mt
  • 6.0 mt
  • 6.5 mt



  • Aluula fabric on strut and leading edge
  • 50% stiffer 
  • 15% lighter
  • Extended wind range
  • Ideal for wave and freestyle


 Watch the official video for the Duotone Unit DLab 2022 


The Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

The Duotone Unit is possibly the most advanced Wingsurf wing available at the moment. The 2022 Unit is already an excellent wing and thanks to the adoption of the Aluula material used on the D/Lab, its performances have been ulteriorly enhanced.

If you are a fanatic wingsurfer looking for performance then we can definitely advise you that this wing is totally worth that extra money for having in your hands virtually the maximum in technology ever witnessed in the wingsurfing industry. On the other hand, the bigger wind range offered by the Unit D/Lab means you can compensate by ordering one less wing, but also that you will have less choice stress on the beach before deciding which wing to use.

Are you convinced? Than grab your new Duotone Unit Dlab before stock ends and See you on the water!


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