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Sabfoil Tortuga Black Series Foil Kit 831100

Beginner friendly kit

The Sabfoil Tortuga Black Series 831100 kit is designed with beginners in mind. The full-carbon components are unbeatable in terms of value, and they can be upgraded at any time as they are compatible with the standard series. This kit offers 15% lower stiffness than the standard components, and features a striking monochromatic design. The Sabfoil WT1100 front wing has a low aspect ratio, high volume and large surface area, providing exceptional lift and the small winglets guarantee stability and directionality so it is easy to control. The M83K mast has a standard profile for a smooth, fast ride and optimal stiffness. The Sabfoil S480 gullwing shape stabilizer allows for maneuverability without compromising on control. Whether you are new to the sport or looking to improve your skills, the Sabfoil Tortuga Black Series 831100 is ideal for freeride in low wind conditions and offers an accessible and exciting way to enjoy wingfoiling.


  • M83K 
  • WT1100 
  • S480 
  • F753K
  • Bag and Q01K not included
RangeBlack Series Tortuga
Recommended forEasy Riding - Freeride
Dimensions & Advanced specs

Front Wing - Span 1100 mm
Front Wing - Surface 2100 cm2
Front Wing - Volume 2416 cm3
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 5,70
Front Wing - Root Chord 246,4 mm
Front Wing - Maximum Thickness 24,2 mm
Stabilizer - Span 480 mm
Stabilizer - Surface 285 cm2
Stabilizer - Volume 140 cm3
Stabilizer - Aspect Ratio 8,10
Stabilizer - Root Chord 76 mm
Stabilizer - Maximum Thickness 8,4 mm
Fuselage - Length 753 mm
Mast - Height 830 mm
Mast - Board Connection Carbon Plate
Foil Set - Weight (ca.) 4,3 kg