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Sabfoil Kraken Modular Carbon Foil Mast


Multi-discipline carbon fibre hydrofoil mast by Sabfoil

An innovative foil mast separated from the base plate, that you can change with a single screw!



Sabfoil is setting a new benchmark in the hydrofoil world with the new 2022 Kraken modular mast system. This new kind of setup means that the mast and the base plate are now two separated parts and, thanks to the new patented Sabfoil Kraken mechanism, it is now possible now to connect the mast to your board with only one screw (with the upgrade kit).


The Advantages of the Sabfoil Kraken

As you can imagine, this innovative configuration reduces the setup time and also helps you to maintain always the ideal mast position under your foil board.

The  Sabfoil Kraken hydrofoil system also allows you to switch easily between different parts for practicing different watersports like wingsurfing, windfoiling, foil surfing and kite foiling.

The 2022 Sabfoil Kraken carbon mast is compatible with the "Kraken Tuttle System" 

T03K and the "Kraken Mast Plate System"

P02K (not included).


Sabfoil Kraken sizes:

    • 63 cm M63K ideal for beginners 
    • 73 cm
    • M73K ideal for beginners, foil surfing and foil wing surfing
    • 83 cm M83K ideal for windfoiling, wingsurfing and kite foiling
    • 93 cm 
    • M93K
    • ideal for windfoiling, wingsurfing and kite foiling
    • 103 cm
  • M63K specific race mast


Fuselage compatibility

The 2022 Sabfoil Kraken mast is compatible with all:

- T6 Connection fuselages 

(using M6 screws):  F603K, F653K, F713K, and F1003K 

-T8 Connection fuselages

(using M8 screws): F703K, F753K, F903K).


Other Sabfoil Kraken parts available at our shop:


Watch the official video for the Sabfoil Kraken system


The Wakestyle Team Review and Opinion

Sabfoil is always been our favorite hydrofoil brand. The Italian company (previously known as Moses foil), has always been pushing the boundaries of the industry in terms of design, manufacturing, and quality of the materials.

When we got informed that the new Kraken system was about to be released we immediately got excited. All we can say is that this revolutionary hydrofoil setup brings to the foil world some innovations in terms of comfort and customizability that we, as foilers, had been soughting after for a long while.

If you have a budget to invest in a new hydrofoil setup don't think twice: sell your current setup and get one of these, it will make your foiling life much better.

Also, the new Sabfoil Kraken system is a must-have for all those foilers who practice multiple foiling sports. The Kraken will allow you better setup customization and also to save some money on your foiling gear, not needing to own a different foil kit for every board that you use.

If you want to read more about Sabfoil, click on the link to read a dedicated front wing and stabilizers guide.



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