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Sabfoil Kraken T8 Fuselage


Modular fuselage by Sabfoil


The Sabfoil T8 fuselage serie is compatible ONLY with the kraken modular system mast. The whole range uses T8 front wing connection, this means that fits big chord wings using M8 screws. Thanks to the use of M8 screws and the optimized design, thee kraken mast is stronger than ever and offers an incredible performance.

Each fuselage is produced in Italy by Sabfoil with numeric control machinery. Premium aluminum is used and the deep anodising treatment is made by certified partners.


The T8 range is available in 3 sizes:

  • F703K 703 mm long
  • F753K 753 mm long
  • 903K 903 mm long

The size of the fuselage will affect the performance of your wing foil board. A shorter fuselage will make narrower turns (ideal for in the surf) but will have a less lift and will be more nerveus( less recommended for beginners) ; a longer fuselage will be more stable and have more lift but will have a wider turning radius.