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Sabfoil W1110 1180 cm2 Front Foil Wing

Glide and pump ability

The Sabfoil W1110 front wing assures tons of glide and speed. This front wing is produced for riders looking for a fast wing for light wing foil surfing. Thanks to the high aspect ratio is surely faster than the sister Sabfoil W1100 offering performance to all wingsurf race addicts out there. This wing is compatible with the SAbfoil FK 647 fuselage. The smaller fuselage allows for better hydrodynamics that translates in more spee on your hydrofoil wing / wind board. Due to its performance the Sabfoil W1110 is the perfect pump machine, so you can dockstart foil pump all day long during windless days.


  • High aspect ratio
  • Endless glide
  • Speed with light winds( ideal for race wingsurfing)
  • Perfect for pumping

The Wakestyle Review & Opinion

The Sabfoil W1110 is a light wind / pump performance wing and thanks to its high aspect ratio offers higher top speeds when compared to other foil wings of this category. Don't forget that this wing is compatible with the FK647 fuselage and not with the FS700, this is necessary in order to get a better pierce effect in the water

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