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Sabfoil WO945 Onda Front Wing

Sabfoil WO945 Onda Front Wing

New SABFOIL front wing W945, born for pure surfing!

The new Sabfoil WO945 Onda is the best front wing for surf style wingsurfing or for pure surfing . The surface size and chord length are larger than its little sister, WO940 Onda meaning it will be more stable, lift earlier and offer a better surfing performance in the waves. Under a wing foil board will work perfectly with winds blowing from 18 knots, at Wakestyle we tested this Sabfoil front wing and we fell immediately in love with it


  •  bigger surface 

  • longer chord with respect compared its little sister W940 guarantee 

  • better stability 

  • higher lift 

  • easier to surf among waves.

This wing works also perfectly under a wing foil board in winds blowing above 18 knots, the speed is remarkable, the turns are very sharp and the glide is insane 

Always clean your wing with fresh water after use to avoid and prevent oxidation and corrosion due to seawater