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Armstrong MA1000 Review

Armstrong MA1000 Review

May 30, 2023

Hi Foilers,

After a month of intensive use, I wanted to share my review of the Armstrong MA1000 foil. I had the opportunity to test this foil in various conditions, ranging from light wind to stormy weather. For reference, I weigh 85 kg and typically use boards with a volume of 60-65 liters.

Here's the setup I used recently:

Wind Range: The MA1000 is a versatile foil suitable for a wide range of wind conditions. I found that I could ride it comfortably in wind speeds ranging from 11-13 knots with a 7m wing, all the way up to 40-45 knots with a 3m wing. However, the sweet spot for this foil seems to be between 14-30 knots. Beyond that, using a smaller foil like the MA800 would provide better performance.


Speed: The front wing of the MA1000 offers impressive speed. While it may not be as fast as a high aspect or race wing, it allows you to cruise at great speeds without compromising stability. It accelerates quickly, and you can maintain control even when pushing the limits. The stall speed is relatively low for a foil of this size, and you can easily recover by giving it a quick pump. Additionally, after landing a jump, the foil quickly regains stability, allowing for effortless flight.

I'm sure that a "Speed 180" stab will increase dramatically the speed of this foil

Startability: It took me a few sessions to understand the optimal pumping technique for the MA1000. Being a mid-aspect foil, I found that a technique similar to starting a high aspect foil worked best, where I needed to go slightly more downwind to generate speed. However, once you gain a bit of speed, the foil lifts effortlessly, and you'll be flying in no time.

Turning: The MA1000 is incredibly responsive and excels in turns. It feels like it was specifically designed for carving. The foil responds immediately to input, allowing for tight turns. You don't need to worry about breaching as the MA1000 maintains control and continues exactly where you want it to go, despite the typical breach sound.

Pump & Glide: I'm genuinely impressed with the pump and glide capabilities of the MA1000. It feels snappy and reactive, but it requires some speed to achieve a decent glide. Once you reach the necessary speed, the foil maintains a smooth glide, making it easy to connect with waves and small bumps. It pumps efficiently, and a couple of quick pumps are sufficient to recover speed. Check this video of me gliding for minutes on a lake swell with the MA1000

Construction: The build quality of the MA1000 is superb, and its aesthetic appeal is outstanding. Unlike other foil brands, I've noticed that the MA1000 can withstand considerable impact without sustaining significant damage.

My Takeaway: If you're seeking a versatile foil that performs well in all conditions, including choppy water, flat water, and waves, look no further than the Armstrong MA1000. While it may not be the fastest foil available, it allows for enjoyable rides in various conditions. It's an excellent choice for travelers or those looking to minimize gear. Thanks to its easy breach recovery, you can even use a shorter mast and enhance your wave riding skills. The forgiving nature of the MA1000 will leave you smiling after every session. In my opinion, owning the MA1000 may render a larger foil like the MA1225 unnecessary (for winging), but having an MA800 for stormy days might be beneficial.

If you're interested in trying out this foil or would like more information, feel free to contact us via mail info@wake-style.com