Kevin Langeree Starting His Own Kite Brand...Reedin kites

Kevin Langeree Starting His Own Kite Brand...Reedin kites

January 17, 2020

Kevin Langeree Starting Reedin Kites


The 2019 King Of the Air Kevin Langeree leaves Naish kiteboarding after a marriage that lasted for 20 years and starts his own kite company called Reedin Kites.

The name comes from the last 3 letters of his surname and of Damien Girardin.

For the ones who don't know, Damien Girardin was the mind behind Naish Kites (developer designer)  and together with Kevin, pushed Naish Kites in the last year at high levels with kites like the Pivot. Both, after loyally serving so many years Naish, had the desire to bring on the market a brand made by kiters for kiters, without having as first purpose any financial target but the ambition to create a kite that everyone would like to ride and that can be used in different conditions, from big air/ megaloops , freeriding to foiling.

Kevin believes that we have the technology to reach height of 40mt while jumping on a kite. Having said that, we expect that the kite that will launch soon, wiill haver  the DNA of a true record setter and can't wait to have more details to share with you.

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