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Ensis Balz Muller Pro Helmet

The first Wingsurf specific Water Helmet

Approved by Balz Muller and Ensis

The ENSIS Balz Pro Helmet features a Dial Fit system and is designed for anyone who wants to learn and perform jumps, as well as wing foil tricks and moves safely. This water helmet comes with fixed ear protectors, which makes it durable and uncompromising, while the stylish design will make you forget that you are even wearing it! With its stickers included in the package, your Balz Pro helmet can have an exclusive look once customized.

Balz Pro Water Helmet Features

  • This water helmet is custom-built to fit your head, and it's designed for the utmost safety. It can't be outmatched!
  • The ABS hardshell is made of light, long lasting, high impact resistant plastic. It can easily withstand anything you throw at it and will last forever!
  • The high quality shock absorbing foam is designed to take more than one hard hit.
  • The multiple earpad openings are designed to allow a full range of sound, making it an excellent choice for those who want to be able hear the nature sounds, or even their favorite tunes, while wingsurfing.
  • With the visor's low profile design, it will fit easily also if worn over a cap. It also lets you look up while sitting and doesn't require tilting your head back!


Ensis Balz Muller Pro Helmet, WakeStyle Team Opinion

We at Wake-style.com are true Wing Foil enthusiast. Wingsurfing can expose to crashes, and the foil mast of course represent an added risk. We recommend to wear a protective helmet at all times, since when learning and for all your foiling career, just like Wingsurf pros like Balz Muller do.

The Ensis Balz Muller Pro Helmet finally represents a dedicated and stylish Wingsurf water helmet, that you can use while learning how to wingsurf, for jumping and for attempting freestyle wing foil moves, while still looking cool. It is also good for practicing kite foil.