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Sabfoil Foil KIT M83K - W799BP - S399 - F703K - Balz Muller

Balz Muller Sabfoil Foil KIT

The Balz Muller pro model foil, built for the maximum lift with the smallest front wing surface possible. A true speed machine with maximum grip in all conditions. At Wake-style.com we tested this setup and we can say that is quite impressive. With 15 knots and some good power in the wing is already possible to get foiling. Forget loosing control by breaching the water and yes, this hydrofoil is freakin' fast and the perfect companion for wingsurf freestylers or speed addicts.


Why you will love this sabfoil kit :

  • small front wing surface
  • huge lift for the size due to the thicker shape
  • insane grip
  • perfect for jumping
  • forgiving
  • smooth landings

The kit includes:

  • Mast: M83K - 830 mm

  • Front Wing: W799 - 1100 cm2

  • Stabiliser: S399 - 207 cm2

  • Fuselage: F703K - 703mm

  • Mast Plate: P02K

Thanks to the Kraken Modular System connection, offer maximum compatibility between all the Kraken spare parts . Change your setup anytime, fast and effortlessly


Balz quote: My new pro model is designed for the early lift with a small front wing surface without losing control at higher speeds. The direct feeling of pure pleasure can be felt whether you want to make radical turns or crazy jumps. With half of my wings cut out, I am able to use less energy when turning and avoid turbulences which let me continue flying . When landing on landings are smooth because it has a thin profile that reaches up high in the air again (W799) thanks to its wide speed range making this one of my preferred models for both windfoiling and wingfoiling